Zymol Wax Review: Make Your Car Shiny Again

All car owners want their cars to look clean, nice, and classy. If possible, they want their cars to appear glossy and shiny all the time. However, with the environmental abuse your car receives from day to day, keeping the vehicle’s look is just next to impossible. Or, is that actually possible? Well, yes, it is. No, you won’t have to spend a lot of bucks by applying a new paint every so often. Your solution comes in the form of Zymol Wax. Available in such a budget-friendly price point, Zymol Wax is a polish and car wax combined into one neat item. It is simple and easy to use, and the formula behind the magic is safe and gentle, both to your skin and your car’s body. It is very effective for restoring your car’s shine and gloss and creating a degree of protection against environmental abuse.

Before we proceed any further, a wise idea is to get to know the important things first. Before you apply any car wax or sealant on your vehicle, you should prep the paint. Doing so will give you a clean surface that will let the car wax or sealant to bond perfectly, thus giving a better shine and maximizing the protection. Sure, the prep stage may take some time and effort, but the whole process will be worth it in the end. In other words, don’t be lazy, my friend.

Now, about Zymol Wax.As mentioned above, Zymol Wax is a combination of a polish and car wax. However, unlike the other products on the market, Zymol Wax stands out because of the safe and gentle formula. It uses primarily natural ingredients such as lemon oil, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, bees wax, shea nut butter, and kaolin clay, which will not irritate your skin or your car’s body. It also contains a small amount of chalcedony crystal. Before you make any protest, we all agree here that chalcedony crystal is the last thing that we want to rub on our car’s surface. However, the amount used here is low enough not to cause any scratch, yet sufficient to perform an efficient cleansing. The ingredient is needed to remove those stubborn fine particles stuck on the car’s paint.

Unique one-step cleaner/wax combination derived from a 120 year old German formula

Just make sure that you follow the instructions properly. A flawed application will give unsatisfying results. You should also avoid smearing Zymol Wax on the non-painted rubber and plastic parts, as such action can cause discoloration. A simple yet effective solution is covering those parts first prior to application. You should also avoid application directly under the sun as the heat will cause it to dry very quickly.

So, how good is the protection provided by Zymol Wax? Truth to be told, it will not outlast a real sealant, at least in terms of protection. However, it is much more affordable, and its protection is just as good as other car waxes on the market. It can last for a few months, depending on the environmental condition. Zymol Wax is also highly effective for removing deep swirls. It delivers a smooth finish with a deep mirror-like shine. Nonetheless, even though it is simple and easy to apply, it still requires a few hours of your time, so the task is better to be performed in the weekend or day-off.

Specifications of Zymol Wax
• One-step formula
• Pleasant odor
• Easy to use
• Free from solvent chemicals
• Free from abrasive chemicals
• Featuring natural ingredients including lemon oil, Aloe Vera, almond meal, coconut oil, shea nut butter, yellow carnauba, bees wax, kaolin clay
• The container has 16 oz capacity, sufficient for more than 10 treatments

Pros of Zymol Wax
– Simple and easy application
– The smell is good
– Safe, gentle formula that will not hurt your car or your skin
– Very effective to make your car’s paint glossy and shiny like new
– Budget-friendly, affordable price

Price of Zymol Wax
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