Valvoline High Mileage vs Full Synthetic

Valvoline is a very popular motor oil brand and not only good for your engine, they are also good for the pocket. They do carry several different variants to match with each user’s preference such as Valvoline High Mileage Vs Full Synthetic. These motor oils are equally good in terms of performance but they are made for different applications and before deciding to go with one of them, let’s see what they can offer and which oil will fit in your engine better here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Function of Motor Oil
  • When to Change Motor Oil
  • What are Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic
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  • What are the Base and Features of Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic
  • How are the Performance of Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic
  • How are the Lasting ability of Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic
  • Valvoline High Mileage Vs Full Synthetic

Motor Oil

Just like with everything, your vehicles will also need proper care and maintenance to keep working and running smoothly and one integral component that we have to change every certain mile is the motor oil. While they are the one that makes your engine move or what fuels your car, their part in keeping everything in check and properly protected is what makes them very much necessary or required whether you are driving a regular SUV or performance car.

Motor oil’s main function is to reduce friction between metal and metal parts in your engine. The oil is light enough to be poured but thick enough to put a layer in between these moving parts to provide something like protective film so then these moving parts will not come in contact with each other. As your engine works, their moving parts will also generate heat and this oil will keep them from overheating to prevent energy loss and deterioration of your engine.

A good motor oil will prolong your vehicle and another reason as to why is because they have various detergents in their formulation to inhibit rust and corrosion which makes them have a protective feature against regular wear and tear. This will prevent the oxidation of oil and improve performance as well as longevity of your engine. In addition, their formulation will help remove impurities and other deposits from the oil which makes the running parts stay clean or safer from any grave damage.

 Valvoline High Mileage Full Synthetic
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Changing Motor Oil

The best way to keep your vehicle in its top condition is by checking them routinely and while they clearly can’t run without fuel, engine oil is a little bit more difficult to guess when to change. Most of us monitor the oil regularly about once a month by checking the dipstick and recognizing the change in its color or consistency. Some people may start changing the oil as they turn darker but oil will change its color as they have been in the engine and it is not the only or the prime sign.

Besides the color, their thickness will also play an important role to decide when to change the oil. Motor oil usually has a light amber in its new condition and pretty light depending on the SAE but when they become noticeably thicker or prominently darker, this is when to start changing the oil. Additionally, performance never lies and when there is knocking or loud noise coming out from the engine it can be a sign that the parts are not properly lubricated. Read also: Royal Purple Vs Mobil 1.

About Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic

If your vehicle doesn’t run as smoothly nowadays and the oil has noticeably become thicker as well as darkens, now is probably the best time to change them. Changing motor oil may only need a few minutes but, the plethora of options may hinder you from quickly grabbing the most ideal option because not all oils are made the same and while all of them are designed for the same purpose, depending on your engine and application, our choice can differ as well.

Talking about motor oil, the easiest way to shop is by matching the SAE to those recommended to be used by your engine which usually written on their manual if this is your first time changing time but owner with experience usually have their own preference and various expectation for the new oil if they decide to move to another brand. One of the best oils that not only works well but also friendly to your wallet is Valvoline and we are sure most people are familiar with this brand as well.

They are a very popular name and not without a good reason. We personally like their motor oil for the proven performance and in general, users are mostly satisfied with how good they put their engine at the top condition. They also carry several oil types for different applications or users such as Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic. While both oils types are equally good, one thing certain is High Mileage will be properly designed for engines with longer mileage as they need further protection.

Valvoline oil is available almost everywhere so you can access them easily but different countries may have slightly different variants or formulations to meet certain regulation or driving conditions. Full Synthetic is the previous version of Valvoline standard motor oil and nowadays you will find the one with “Advanced” before the term as it is a newer version of the oil. The Full Synthetic oil however, is still being sold in other countries such as Australia and in Asia.

Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic Application

Chances are, they have the same formulation but tweaked a little bit on the additives to slightly enhance the performance which may or may not be apparent in real life. The rule of finding an ideal motor oil is the SAE rating and for the milder climate here, a popular 5W30 should fit in many engine’s specifications including yours but make sure to check the manual if this is your first oil change. We are also going to use this rating as a sample today and for the application, Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic are identical.

Both of them are made to meet or exceed the requirements for API SN with SN Plus, API Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-5, and usage in General Motors dexos1 Gen2 engines. These oils are also recommended to be used in Ford WSS- M2C946-B1, Chrysler MS-6395, and General Motors 6094M and 4718M. Overall, any new vehicles that are requiring the usage of 5W30 oil can use any of these oils and note that different SAE ratings may have slightly different applications as well.

Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic Base and Features

Moving further, let’s check what these oils will offer to you and one of the concern when choosing a new motor oil seems to be the base stock because there are several groups used to make motor oil and manufacturer will not tell the exact formulation yet, unless they are stated to use group IV or V, in most cases the stock is a very refined group III or often called as III+ by some people. This or the mixture of group III and other bases seems to be what Valvoline used.

While in general motor oil will behave the same and deliver the same function, what makes high mileage oil different is usually on its formulation especially in this Valvoline High Mileage called the MaxLife technology which is their proprietary blend aimed to help old engines to stay at its best form and continue to perform well by improving the protection against wear, deposits, and sludge or leaks that often being the issues in high mileage vehicles. The Full Synthetic has the same benefits but not as powerful as the application is less demanding.

The reason why people are moving to an HM motor oil is because their engine no longer works great with the regular oil and in most cases not because how much mileage they have been running since it is highly dependent on how you treat the engine up until now. If the regular oil works fine, there is no need to spend more using HM oil but one sign we often use to determine whether the pricier oil is needed or not is by the oil leak or drip and if there is any strange noise.

Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic Performance 

Performance wise Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic are amazing, they are not going to make your car feel like new coming out of the manufacturer but they do help your engine run at the proper condition. If you have been running on more than 10k and just changing with any of these oils, feel the difference of smooth operation and easy start. Strange noise will also disappear as you pour a new oil in and what sets the two variants apart seems to be on the formulation.

Usually HM oils have more prominent additives to care for older engines including conditioners, seal swells, antioxidants, detergents and wear friction especially with viscosity modifiers to keep the oil more durable against high temperature. Something like seal swells is the reason why they can prevent leakage if this is what concerns you.

Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic Mileage

Another point we want to mention here is their lasting ability because oils will need to be replaced at certain miles and one thing we are not very fond of these oils is that they are not made to be high interval change oils such as Mobil 1 or Royal Purple. Those brands are indeed pricier but you can easily exceed 10k in between the changing. Valvoline High Mileage and Full Synthetic will only last for around half of it, many drivers seem to change their oils from 3k, 5k, to 7k with these oils.

Valvoline High Mileage vs Full Synthetic

Well-known oils usually work goods depending on your vehicle’s need and these oils are certainly made for different applications. HM oil like Valvoline High Mileage are carrying similar formulation but chances are the additives have been tweaked to match the needs of older engines which can be already starting to deteriorate but not all high mileage engines will need them if treated properly. Unless you have problems associated with high mileage engines like noise and leak, Valvoline Full Synthetic is a cheaper option.

- Valvoline full synthetic high mileage with maxlife technology motor oil is specially formulated for higher mileage engines.
- Valvoline full synthetic high mileage with maxlife technology motor oil is formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils plus special additives to fight the effects of aging and increase the life of your engine.
- Auto & Truck Maintenance
- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
- Outstanding high-temperature protection under severe driving conditions and superior cold-temperature protection through faster oil flow at start-up
- Excellent engine cleanliness through superior sludge and varnish protection
- Fully compatible with all conventional and leading synthetic motor oils


You can pick any of these oils because they are equally reliable but if you will be changing the oil often, we do prefer to stick with regular oil as they are cheaper but, if price is not a concern, HM and more expensive oils will serve a longer run and less frequent changing.