Toyo Versado CUV Review: Exceptional All Season Tire for CUVs

If you are looking for a new set of tires for your CUV, then you can consider getting the Toyo Versado CUV. A CUV, or often simply referred as a crossover vehicle, is a vehicle that is built on a car platform while combining features from a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and a passenger vehicle. Because of the particular design, the tires for such cars also have particular needs and requirements. Because of that, choosing the right set of tires for a specific type of car can be quite tricky and difficult. However, Toyo Versado CUV is certainly one option that is highly recommended. Designed specially for CUVs, Toyo Versado CUV offers exceptional all-season performance and comfort. Continue reading below to get to know better about Toyo Versado CUV!

If you take a close look on Toyo Versado CUV, you can see that the tread pattern is asymmetrical and non-directional. Such design certainly makes Toyo Versado CUV look classy and elegant, but that isn’t the only purpose. The asymmetrical, non-directional tread design allows for superior touring performance in all season conditions, as well as allowing cross-rotation. With cross-rotation, you can minimize irregular wear and prolong the tread life. Toyo Versado CUV also features multi-wave sipes, which function to reduce irregular wear and improve the traction in all weather conditions. You can also see that the tread blocks and ribs have variable sizes – the blocks and ribs on the outside part have been made so to enhance the dry traction and cornering stability. The great edge tracking ensures that you can corner confidently without slipping. Meanwhile, the wide circumferential grooves and open lateral slits function to improve water evacuation and drainage to virtually eliminate aquaplaning.

Toyo Versado CUV is very, very quiet and smooth. It is highly comfortable. As mentioned above, the performance in various weather conditions is astonishing. Toyo Versado CUV does not falter, even in heavy rain or snow. It stays firm and strong on the road, no matter if the road is dry, wet, or snowy. It has great steering and handling capabilities to make sure that you can still drive safely and effectively even though the weather goes bad. Furthermore, Toyo Versado CUV also has a positive effect on your car’s fuel consumption because it has very low fuel consumption. Toyo Versado CUV is highly rugged and durable. It can certainly last for lots of miles.

- Outstanding Ride Control: Tread designed for stability with large contact patch - Noise treated tread design: This baby is quiet

Specifications of Toyo Versado CUV
Luxurious Asymmetric and Non-Directional Tread Design
• Stylish look with all-season touring performance.
• Allows cross-rotation to reduce irregular wear.
Multi-Wave Sipes
• Minimize irregular wear for a smooth and quiet ride.
• Improve all-season traction.
Large Blocks and Ribs Design on Outside Tread
• Enhances dry performance as well as cornering stability.
Wide Circumferential Grooves
• Evacuate water effectively to improve traction.
Open Lateral Slits
• Improve water evacuation and drainage.
Silent Wall Technology
• Reduces pipe resonance in order to create a quieter ride.

Pros of Toyo Versado CUV
– Decent performance in all weather conditions
– Stylish, good-looking design
– Very quiet and comfortable to ride
– Very good fuel efficiency
– Excellent tread life and even wear performance with cross-rotation

Price of Toyo Versado CUV
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