Thrush Turbo Muffler Review: High Quality, Reversible Muffler

For more than 40 years, Thrush has been producing various high-quality parts. You can trace its roots back to those early days when hot rods were the hot stuff. Thrush was founded by enthusiasts who wanted true high quality parts; these people turned into a company that completed the equation themselves. In the following article, we will take a look at the Thrush Turbo Muffler review, which is a very popular muffler on the market. It is glowing with positive reviews from the users who have been satisfied by the quality and performance. So, is it really a very good muffler? Continue reading below!

Why Thrush Mufflers are Great
As mentioned above, Thrush has been around for more than 40 years. It has managed to thrive for such long years obviously due to specific reasons. With all the today’s heavy competition, Thrush still maintains a large loyal consumer base, especially for the performance mufflers. There are various models that have been tested for the quality, ranging from glasspack to headerback systems. Nevertheless, one of the company’s top products is none other than the universal Thrush Turbo Muffler 17715.

Thrush Turbo Muffler Overview
Well, do not let the word “turbo” in its name confuse you. Actually, this is a universal muffler that is compatible with both turbo systems and naturally aspirated systems. There are actually several variants available with different openings, from two inches to three inches. There are also different lengths available, from 16 inches to 18.5 inches to 24 inches to 25 inches.

Thrush Turbo Muffler is designed with versatility and value in mind. The shell is coated with pure aluminum for enhanced rust protection. The aluminum coating also helps to reduce the cost and the weight.

Thrush Turbo Muffler has an oval body, which is sleek and elegant. As mentioned above, there are different lengths available from 16 inches to 25 inches. It weighs lower than 5 pounds. So, it is very lightweight. It does not have any polishing done, perhaps also to cut down the cost, so you should expect the body to come with a dull matte finish.

Although the exterior is relatively plain without any shiny finish, the interior is given a chance to boast the tri-flow design. It cuts down on the backpressure to allow an increase in the air flow efficiency. You see, the quicker the air flows, the more horsepower that you can gain.

Do not underestimate Thrush Turbo Muffler just because of the low price. Indeed, Thrush Turbo Muffler is available at a lower price point compared to many other mufflers on today’s market. However, the quality is not to be questioned. It is rugged and durable, and it can last for a long time. Hence, it makes a more economical solution for your upgrading needs.

You have to remember an important thing about Thrush Turbo Muffler, which is that the openings are not entirely lined up to each other. Instead, one opening is center to the body, whereas the other opening is offset. However, the muffler is indeed reversible. You can use either of the two openings. This is to allow different configurations. The reversible design allows very flexible installation, as you can use either the centered opening or the offset opening depending on the vehicle and customization. You can expand both the inlet and outlet as needed to fit your stock pipes.

Thrush Turbo Muffler sounds truly great. The owners describe that the produced sound of Thrush Turbo Muffler is low and mellow. It delivers a noticeable change from the stock, while still maintaining a reasonable level of noise. It effectively reduces the noise, and it is able to transform the sound into a deep, smooth rumble. It makes the vehicle sound elegant and powerful. The deep performance tone quiets down while cruising.

Compared to the other mufflers on the market, you can get a much greater deal from Thrush Turbo Muffler. The design allows you to get both better, more elegant sound and significantly enhanced performance. This is because Thrush Turbo Muffler is able to decrease the backpressure by about 30% over the stock, hence allowing improved air flow and more horsepower.

A good product should be backed up by a good warranty. Without a good warranty, customers will be worried to purchase the product. With a good warranty, in the case of a defective product, you can return it and get an appropriate replacement.

Thrush Turbo Muffler is backed by a decent 90-day warranty. The warranty covers all immediate issues. The warranty period is quite good. More often than not, a defective product does not show its flaws immediately after the purchase. Thrush Turbo Muffler has a sufficient warranty period so that you can test the product for some time to look for possible defects. Well, to be fair, Thrush very rarely produces defective products in the first place.

- 100% aluminized coated shell for long life - Tri-flow design provides that Thrush classic sound - Reversible for maximum flexibility - Time proven spun lock heads for leak free seal

A good business is indicated by satisfied customers, and Thrush has no shortage of them. Thrush Turbo Muffler is a great muffler with a very good value for the money. Despite the affordable price, it has very good build quality. The performance is exceptional, as it can transform the sound of your vehicle into a deep, powerful tone and also enhance the horsepower.

Thrush Turbo Muffler Review: Specifications
Product Highlights
• 100% aluminized coated shell for durability and long life
• Reversible for total installation flexibility
• Time-proven spun lock heads for leak-free sealing
• Tri-flow design for that classic Thrush sound
• Thrush Turbo Oval Muffler – 4.25X9.75
• 2.5″ Inlet/Outlet (Side-Center)
• Overall Length 18.5″

• Brand:Thrush
• Part Type:Mufflers
• Part Number:17715
• Product Line:Thrush Turbo Mufflers
• Summit Racing Part Number:WLK-17715
• Overall Length (inches): 18.5 inches
• Case Exterior Length (inches): 14.0 inches
• Width (inches): 9.75 inches
• Thickness (inches): 4.25 inches
• Muffler Material: Steel
• Internal Construction: Turbo style
• Muffler Finish: Aluminized
• Case Shape: Oval
• Inlet Quantity: One
• Inlet Diameter (inches): 2.5 inches
• Inlet Location: Offset
• Outlet Quantity: One
• Outlet Diameter (inches): 2.5 inches
• Outlet Location: Center
• Outlet Style: Standard and without tip
• Quantity: Sold individually

Thrush Turbo Muffler Review: Pros
• Very affordable
• Low, smooth, powerful tone
• Able to reduce the backpressure for more horsepower
• Very good warranty which covers all immediate issues

Thrush Turbo Muffler Review: Price
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