Shell Rotella T6 vs Valvoline Premium Blue

Changing your oil in a routine will make sure our vehicle can run smoothly as well as keeping the engine good for the prolonged time. Different engines will need different oil as well such as diesel users who will love Shell Rotella T6 Vs Valvoline Premium Blue because they are made for this certain application but also reliable for different conditions while delivering a great performance. If you are also considering these options, go check what they can offer below and pick the best engine oil.

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  • What are the Differences Between Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil
  • What are Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue
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  • How are the Performance of Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue
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  • Shell Rotella T6 Vs Valvoline Premium Blue

Engine Oil

Owning a vehicle is convenient, you don’t have to rely on public transportation and can comfortably use it to transport various items. The drawback is that they can be quite expensive depending on the model and they will also require constant maintenance from time to time to make sure all the components are working as they should. You will need to refill their fuel, replacing the tire when they are no longer reliable, and also changing the engine oil as recommended depending on personal use.

There are tons of engine or motor oils out there and even one brand usually has plenty to choose from which makes the selecting process not as easy as it sounds. You can always ask a professional to recommend the best option but for those who are doing the changing at home, knowing which oil to use will go a long way. First thing is, the same as their fuel, you can either use gasoline oil or diesel oil depending on the engine type. Read also:

Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil

There are various differences that make these oils are not interchangeable in some cases and the first reason is for their catalytic converter. We know that our vehicle has a porous metal filter along the exhaust line between the muffler and the engine which function is to convert toxic emissions into benign products. Some materials can change the performance especially zinc and lead or phosphorus that is typically higher in diesel engine oil, making it not suitable for gasoline engines because it can lean to converter malfunction.

Second reason is because diesel engines have more space in between the crankshaft and rod bearings which makes it not ideal when paired with thin oil for it will only drain from these wide spaces hence diesel engine oil is higher in viscosity. On the other hand, using thicker oil in gasoline engines will affect the temperature and produce higher heat while especially not good in low temperature conditions and startup. Another reason is their level of additives for diesel engines usually have more additives to prevent strain and engine wear.

 Shell Rotella T6Valvoline Premium Blue
Product Dimensions 9.6 x 12.8 x 12.9 inches
14.5 x 9.1 x 11.4 inches
Item Weight 4 ounces
24.2 pounds
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This level of additives if used in gasoline engines will harm the deposit on the cylinder walls that helps seal the combustion gases and when this is damaged, it may affect the catalytic converter, making it fail to work or even cause the engine to smoke from the inside. Diesel engines can be used in gasoline when it is heavily modified in order to produce more horsepower or when a certain oil gains the certification to work on both diesel and gasoline engines stated by SN labeling.

About Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue

Now when you already decide to use which oil, it is the time to see how many options we have out there because chances are any brand will have both diesel and gasoline engine oil including those designed to be used in a colder and warmer climate. It is easier to shop based on your car’s manual regarding the best option and what type of oil will be ideal with the vehicle. We can shop based on the brand as well when you have a favorite manufacturer.

This can save the time doing manual selection from the huge pile of options especially if you have a good experience with their former products. Among those many brands that produce engine oil, Shell and Valvoline will be two of the most well-known names in the market with a long history of creating high performance oils as well as a wide range of types to match with your vehicle’s need including both gasoline and diesel engine while price wise can be pretty competitive to many other manufacturers.

If you are here then it means you are running a diesel engine and from the collection, Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue will be two of the most ideal models to consider. These are designed specifically for diesel users and they are creating the oil to maximize your engine’s performance to run in the pristine condition. These oils are comparable to each other for the quality and price point but for this comparison, we are going to take the Extreme version from the Premium Blue line.

Many of us recognize the Premium Blue as the oil recommended by Cummins and this is a great choice if you are using their engine as well. This exclusively endorsed oil is claimed to give you the performance and protection in modern, emissions treatment equipped engines including those with EGR and DPF. Rotella T6, on the other hand boasts a better oxidation resistance which improves viscosity resistance, making the oil ideal for those whose main focus is fuel economy. Read also: Motul 7100 Vs 300V.

Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue Ratings

Similar to many other engine oils, you will find Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue in different ratings but as for this comparison, we are going to choose their performance version which is the 5W40 and as you can expect, these two are meant to be used in a more extreme condition. But you can also pick another variant from the line such as the cheaper and more common 15W40 depending on the condition where you will be driving the vehicle.

These oils are made for application with heavy duty, utility and pickup diesel engines and overall they are ideal for Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Caterpillar with API rated for CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 Plus, and CH-4. What’s different is that Valvoline Premium Blue, both the regular and its Extreme 5W40 version, will be versatile for diesel and gasoline engines for it to also gain the SN and SM ratings. On the other hand the T6 has JASO MA/MA2 which means it is useful for motorcycles as well.

Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue Feature

As you can already expect, Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue are full synthetic engine oil and this means they are using a full synthetic base stock which is mixed with various additives material to get the final product or this high-performing oil. Each brand usually has their own formulation including these two brands and they are labeled with the same type of benefits to improve your vehicle’s performance. They promise to resist oil oxidation, improving your fuel economy, as well as better deposit protection than the industry standard.

The 5W40 itself is specifically designed for a more extreme usage where drivers will be using their vehicle in a cold and warmer area both on and off the highway. These oils are going to retain its fluidity when the temperature drops but will stay thick when the temperature is increased. They are also proven to be able to resist viscosity loss through shear and will maintain optimal pressure in the engine.

Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue Performance 

The next point we want to talk about is the performance of Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue because this is what matters and in this side both of them are very similar to each other or comparable. You can get an amazing result by using any of these oils and the fastest result you can experience is how the engine will run smoother but also how you notice the engine starts easier in the cold morning if you have previous issues with thickened oil.

Performance wise, you can get the same level of satisfaction using these oils but one thing that many drivers realize after using them interchangeably is that the engine seems to be quieter when paired with Valvoline.

Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue Wear

As good as any engine oil can be designed, they will need to be changed as well and this is also the same with Shell Rotella T6 and Valvoline Premium Blue but, another quality that was promised by these oils is the lasting ability. They sure increase the gap between oil changes and it is shown in various diesel engines whether you have Nissan or Ford that in general, users will start considering changing the oil far after surpassing 10k miles.

Shell Rotella T6 vs Valvoline Premium Blue

Both of these synthetic oils are a great choice for those who run diesel engines because they are reliable and proven to work great but also different since the Valvoline shown to make your vehicle runs quieter in comparison while the driving experience stays the same. This engine oil is also suitable for gasoline users for it has SN and SM rating while on the other hand the T6 has JASO MA/MA2 that makes motorcycle users opt for the oil as well.

- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
- Better fuel economy - compared to 15W-40 oils Rotella offers enhanced fuel economy capability of 1.5% without compromising engine protection or durability
- Improved wear performance - provides a significantly increased level of protection against harmful engine wear when compared to previous generation API CJ-4 engine oils
- mproved deposit control - advanced multi-functional dispersant additives in combination with synthetic base oils provide an enhanced level of protection against the effects of soot
- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
- Valvoline Premium Blue Engine oil is "The Only One" exclusively endorsed and recommended by Cummins
- Superior synthetic base stocks provide faster, safe starts during freezing weather and enhanced thermal properties for hot weather operations
- Excellent deposit protection. For any product or technical questions, please call 1-800-TEAM VAL


All in all you can pick any of them and still be satisfied with the performance but when it comes to engine oil, price matters and the fact that Valvoline is cheaper makes it a great option to save budget but also no compromise on the quality.