RZR 570 vs Pioneer 500

We all know how well the UTV business and industry are doing lately. All the UTV manufacturers are currently in an arms race, each trying to make the fastest and most reliable machine on the market. Two UTV models that may have captured your attention are RZR 575 and Pioneer 500. Both of these two UTV models are generally considered as two competitors in the same league. So, how do the two UTVs compare to each other? Which is the best UTV that can give you the fullest out of the money? See the comparisons below!

Well, RZR 570 is certainly the one that looks better. If the appearance is quite an important factor for you, then you will lean more towards RZR 570. This is because the UTV’s body has been designed in such a trendy and sporty way. The frame looks sturdy and solid. The vehicle looks like a beast that is ready to blast fast. The seats also look premium and comfortable, with full backs and padding. On the other hand, Pioneer 500 may appear rather strange. Well, it also looks solid and powerful, but the front side has been designed in such a way that it appears like a gaping jaw. In addition, the seats also are not as comfortable as RZR 570’s seats. The seats have flat backs and aren’t full. Nevertheless, in terms of size, Pioneer 500 indeed has the better edge because at 50” wide and just slightly over 102” long, Pioneer 500 can fit in any pick-up truck. RZR 570 is only slightly larger, though.

If you are going to drag a trailer with your UTV, then you need to consider the towing capacity. RZR 570 is able to tow up to 1,500 lbs weight, which is significantly more than Pioneer 500’s maximum 1,000 lbs. Hence, for pulling anything with your UTV, RZR 570 is the one more reliable. In addition, RZR 570 is also more comfortable for the passengers because it has a better suspension system with longer front and rear travel lengths. Plus, RZR 570 has a bigger, more powerful engine with 567 cc displacement, as opposed to Pioneer 500’s 475 cc engine displacement.

On the other hand, though, you need to keep in mind that RZR 570 is a 4×2 vehicle. If you strictly need a 4×4 vehicle, such as for going through unpaved dirt roads or deep snow, then Pioneer 500 is the one that you should consider.

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RZR 570 vs Pioneer 500
In general, RZR 570 is the more superior UTV, with a more sporty design, better suspension, and more powerful engine. But if you need a 4×4 vehicle for heavy off-road terrains, then Pioneer 500 should be the way to go.