Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

Motor oil is required by your vehicle to prolong its engine’s life and to ensure they will give the best performance across driving or riding conditions. For those who are driving gasoline engines, Royal Purple Vs Mobil 1 are amazing options to choose because they prove to have a high performance but also able to last long for less frequent oil changes. If you are also planning to use any of these oils, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • When to Change the Motor Oil
  • How to Choose Motor Oil
  • What are Royal Purple and Mobil 1
  • Who can use Royal Purple and Mobil 1 
  • What are the Base and Features of Royal Purple and Mobil 1
  • How are the Performance of Royal Purple and Mobil 1
  • How are the Lasting Ability of Royal Purple and Mobil 1
  • Royal Purple Vs Mobil 1

Changing Motor Oil

Owning a vehicle is great, you can transport people and goods from one place to another conveniently as we don’t need to rely on public transportation because sometimes they are unreliable and uncomfortable. However, not only the initial vehicle price, they also need frequent caring or maintenance so they can run properly for a long time and besides the tire that we have to replace at certain miles, the motor oil will also need changing every amount of miles in which the frequency varies among drivers.

Many of us wonder when the perfect time to change the motor oil is but it is highly dependent on the usage and habit. The easiest method to decide whether it is the time to change the motor oil is checking the engine or oil change light to see if there’s not enough oil in the system and we can see the dipstick to see what’s happening. If the check engine light illuminates, this is the worst sign and means that the condition is bad which makes the engine at risk of damage due to the lack of lubrication.

However, to be safer, we never want to experience such a thing first before changing the oil and you will hear lots of opinions about the range of distance we can keep before pouring the new one. In general, the common rule used by many of us that may be helpful to you as well is the driving habit and engine miles. For those who are driving on the highway and rarely stopping the vehicle midway, we can keep using the oil even above 10k miles.

But, for those who are driving on packed roads and often stop in traffic, it will push your engine to work harder as well and if you’re driving in such conditions, changing them more often will be the best decision and the range can be anywhere between 5k to 10k.

 Royal PurpleMobil 1
Product Dimensions 13 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches
12.6 x 8.2 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight 24.1 pounds
9.35 pounds
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Choosing Motor Oil

If now seems the time to change your motor oil, it is best to consider the motor oil option as well because not all engines are made the same and the basic is choosing the one that is made for your application. Gasoline and diesel engines work differently so they have different standards and certification. In addition, motor oils are also available in different ratings and this rating is related to how the oil behaves in different weather conditions both at cold and hot temperature.

For those who have been changing the oil by themselves must know which rating should be used for the vehicle but if this is your first time, we can check the car’s manual to see what the engine’s need is. Vehicles that run on a colder temperature need lighter oil to prevent difficult start up while as opposite warmer weather called for a thicker oil to keep the protective quality. For high mileage vehicles, usually they have specific oils with thicker viscosity and different formulation.

About Royal Purple and Mobil 1

Shopping for a new motor oil may seem simple but what makes them a daunting task is the amount of options available as well since there are so many of them. In general we can go fine with any motor oil which is designed for our application or vehicle but it is wiser to know a little bit about our choice because it can improve our decision further. If you have no issue with the current oil, we can save time and go with the same brand.

Talking about motor oil, there will be various different brands come to mind but, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 will be two of the first names many of us notice as they are very popular. These brands are often related to longevity and fairly high price points with a wide range of users. They have been long being the favorite in the market due to the quality and often compared as how they carry the similar performance level in the same price range too.

You will rarely hear anything bad about these oils because the majority of users are satisfied with how they work and while bad experiences will always be possible in any product, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are fairly great oils with higher satisfaction rates. The only problem why many don’t use them continuously is for the price tag. Motor oils need to be changed at certain miles and the higher the cost, the heavier it is in our pocket which is why some of us go for more affordable options.

If these oils price range are not intimidating, we do recommend trying them because these are among the best gasoline engine oils in terms of long wear and performance. They also have lots of viscosity ratings to match with your vehicle and the climate on which they are driven on. For those in milder climates, the standard 5W30 should be adequate to make sure easy startup but also maintain their lubrication on summer days. Read also: Royal Purple Vs Castrol Edge.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 Application

The best product including motor oil is not based on their price range but how they will benefit you and the key to choose the best oil is looking for the one made for your vehicle. Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are made for gasoline engines and both of them are following the similar standard passing API SN and SN Plus including ILSAC GF-5 with Mobil 1 also suitable to be used in vehicles requiring oils that passed API SJ and SL. Both are also approved to be used in General Motors dexos1: GEN 2 and Ford WSS-M2C946-A.

Note that these are the approvals for the certain SAE 5W30 and thus, different ratings may have slightly different additives in their formulation which makes the applications a little bit different as well. In addition, if this is the first oil change for a new car, in most cases as long as the manufacturer recommends to use synthetic oil that passes or meets API, there should not be an issue against the warranty whether you are choosing Royal Purple or Mobil 1.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 Base Stock and Features

One of the considerations when people are buying new engine oil that they never used before is the base stock as there are several of them based generally on both mineral and synthetic. Fully synthetic oils doesn’t mean they are not made from mineral oils because in most cases, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are using the group III stock base which is refined to deliver the best performance. Unless bases such as PAO and Ester are mentioned, the oil usually is made from group III or being mixed with other bases.

Just like many other engine oils, Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are made with special formulation which prevents the buildup promoting clean engine and prolonged life with RP especially focusing on gasoline-ethanol fuel blends. They are also created to suit any driving styles while optimizing lubrication for best performance and to make sure you will be running on gasoline effectively; the excellent lubrication will help retain fuel economy.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 Performance  

No matter how good the features or how good their formulation seems to be, at the end of the day, performance is what matters the most. Overall, these motor oils are great, most drivers who already use them are satisfied with how the oil works for their vehicles but, you will still have some mixed experiences as well. On average Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are better than many similar synthetic oils but side by side, it seems that Mobil 1 is more fluid at the same temperature.

This may translate as easy startup but protection wise when running longer and higher temperature RP may be doing better. Some users have seen a difference from switching to Mobil 1 from some unexpected noises to how their engine doesn’t work as smoothly as before. However, many also don’t see any differences when switching between one another.

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 Mileage

Another point we want to talk about is their lasting ability and while this is very subjective as different vehicles with different drivers are varying including the filter we are using, both Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are fine with oil changes at around 10k while some do change them less or more often. For high mileage vehicles, it seems that RP is lasting a bit longer than Mobil 1 but most can push more than 8k with the oil still looking good. 

Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

As full synthetic oil, these motor oils are amazing for your vehicles because they are working smoothly and ideal for different types of driving habits. Royal Purple seems to be thicker in comparison to Mobil 1 and many also change the oil in a longer interval compared to the latter. However, performance wise, some do experience RP working better for their car both on the noise and fuel efficiency especially for high mileage vehicles but, RP is also more expensive than Mobil 1.

- Better wear protection
- Increased fuel efficiency
- Better protection of the expensive catalytic emission system
- Improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol
- For best performance, follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
- Advanced full synthetic formula. Helps prevent deposits and sludge build-up to enable long engine life
- Excellent overall lubrication and wear protection performance for many driving styles.
- Aids fuel economy; excellent low-temperature capabilities


You can go with any of these oils for there is no bad option and rather than which the best option is, we recommend getting Royal Purple if you plan to change the oil in a longer interval but for applications lower than 10k, it is wiser to go for a cheaper option like Mobil 1.