Royal Purple vs Castrol Edge

Motor oil is required to keep your engine healthy and able to run smoothly but as they run for a distance, they will need frequent oil change to get the best performance. Royal Purple Vs Castrol Edge will be a great choice to both protect and clean your engine and they are also fairly priced for long distance vehicles. If you need to change the motor oil, go check which of these products will be more promising for your application below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Motor Oil to Choose
  • What are Royal Purple and Castrol Edge
  • Who Can Use Royal Purple and Castrol Edge
  • What are the Base and Features of Royal Purple and Castrol Edge
  • How are the Performance of Royal Purple and Castrol Edge
  • Are Royal Purple and Castrol Edge Long Lasting
  • Royal Purple Vs Castrol Edge

Motor Oil

Engine oil is a very necessary complimentary in our vehicle because without them we are not sure how far our car will run or how long they can last. Every vehicle has an engine inside that drives energy from the fuel but it is a complex mechanism and lots of metal parts come together to create the mechanism. This will create wear and waste as they operate hence the oil is needed to aid every part to move smoother and work longer to offer the best performance.

Choosing a motor or engine oil is not something we can do in an instant because depending on the vehicle and the climate they are running in or even load, the oil required for the engine will be different as well. The easiest way is to read your car’s manual because they will list various criteria or recommendations that we can use with the engine but, it is always better to know all the basics about why our car needs this specific oil.

Motor Oil and Base Oil

Many drivers know that their oil is created from different ingredients and if you often heard about base oil, this is what made up about 90% of the oil itself which is often separated into mineral base and synthetic base. This base alone plays an important role in deciding the oil characteristic including the viscosity as it affects the consistency. They can also be made from different mixes of group oils which can get confusing as “full synthetic” doesn’t always mean they are not made from minerals.

 Royal PurpleCastrol Edge
Product Dimensions 13 x 9.8 x 9.4 inches
4.3 x 8.3 x 13 inches
Item Weight 24.1 pounds
9.3 pounds
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Motor Oil and Additives

As the oil is made up mostly with base oil whether it is mineral based or synthetic base, both of them are going to need additives into the formulation. Additives are going to be responsible for the oil properties and even the viscosity rate that we will talk about below will be decided by the additive. In general the additives will prevent oil foaming and breakdown, rust, corrosion, and engine wear but also act as cleansing agents to clean or capture contaminants including managing temperature.

Engine Oil and Viscosity

This is probably the first thing we notice when buying a new oil as it is prominently printed on the package but it is actually important because different engine and running condition require different viscosity as well. Viscosity can be single or multi as what most companies offer these days. Higher viscosity is often used with heavy duty vehicles running in a hotter climate or old engine with high mileage while as opposed new cars or those in colder climates are paired with lower viscosity options.

About Royal Purple and Castrol Edge

As the car’s owner, it is best to understand your vehicle better because we will be using them for a prolonged time and maintaining them will be a key to long lasting application. If you have decided which type of oil is required by the engine, now is the time to see what the manufacturers are offering because you will find many of them in the market coming from different brands and even one company usually has more than one type of oils in the catalog.

When talking about engine oil, you will recall so many brands both those we often see the ads in gas stations or have been using in the past. Two of the best options you can shop from are Royal Purple and Castrol especially with the Edge variant. These oils are not very affordable compared to many engine oils made by lots of different manufacturers out there but they are also offering the quality those cheaper oils can’t provide especially when it is about mileage.

Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are not necessarily the best engine oil ever made because manufacturers have their own best selling products and certainly have quality control to make sure the oil works properly or meets certain standards. As you may already know, rather than getting the most expensive or the best oil ever made, it is better to match the oil with your own engine’s requirement because factors such as model, year, specific make, and mileage stated in the manual will matter the most.

These two are equally full synthetic oil which means you can get the best protection out of their formulation and similar to most engine or motor oils out there, they also have the same promise in wear management or protection. By lubricating each part of the engine, those direct contact can be minimized and wear can be managed better to maintain performance as well as making the fuel efficient. They also last pretty long compared to many cheaper oils.

Royal Purple and Castrol Edge Rating

As it has been mentioned above, the first thing you may want to check when looking for a motor oil is the rating or specification on what the oil is made for. Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are made for gasoline engine which is why you will find API licenses here and for the 5W30, RP meets API SN Plus, General Motors dexos1 Gen 2, ILSAC GF-5 specifications, as well as meets Chrysler FCA US MS-6394 and Ford WSS-M2C946-A while Edge also meets ACEA A1/B1 and HTO-06.

For example here we are picking the common 5W30 but in addition to this rating you can find various viscosity depends on which your car’s engine is designed to work with for example Castrol has a range from extreme viscosity at 0W20 with the thickest at 10W40 while Royal Purple is topping at 10W30. Read also: Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Vs Royal Purple.

Royal Purple and Castrol Edge Base and Features

You may want to know what Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are made of and as you can guess, they are most likely to be made from group III or mixed with group IV oils which is categorized as synthetic base but the former is still derived from minerals. This grade has been passing purification to meet a certain quality to be called as synthetic which is why you don’t have to worry about the quality especially when these manufacturers are making high quality base oil as well.

The additives blend itself will be different among brands as the companies try to achieve certain quality with the product. Royal Purple has enhanced additive technology specifically made for dexos1 with a low coefficient of friction and has patented anti-war additive chemistry but it also has improved compatibility with ethanol mixed fuels. Edge on the other hand claimed to be the strongest and most advanced range of full synthetic motor oil by the brand. It also claimed to decrease engine deposit for better performance and performs good even under extreme pressure.

Royal Purple and Castrol Edge Performance

Moving further, let’s check the performance on both motor oils and on this side, we do think Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are on the same level. They are working well as the engine runs smoothly without any problem especially in newer engines because none of them are made to be a high mileage compatible because depending on the rating, you may find them going to improve the leaking. In modern cars, the startup is good and there is no sign of burning out.

Some people however find the Royal Purple works better for their engine because they seem to reduce the noise and ease the startup but many of them find there is no noticeable difference when swapping the oils as long as they are not pushed in a prolonged time between changes.

Royal Purple and Castrol Edge Change Frequency

The last thing we want to mention is their lasting power and in this part Royal Purple seems to be able to last a bit longer than Castrol Edge. In general you will be fine with any of them even after reaching 10k on the mileage compared to many cheap oils that can only last a few thousands every change. However, many users seem to push their vehicle further with RP in it since you can still feel they perform good after reaching this mileage.

Royal Purple vs Castrol Edge

People’s experiences may differ and the best product for our vehicle doesn’t need to be the same but if you can spend the budget, Royal Purple and Castrol Edge are two amazing oils to try especially for longer oil changes. They perform good but specifically better when it is in newer engines unless you go with their high mileage option. However, we see RP also gives a slight improvement on the oil change frequency since it can run a bit longer than Castrol.

- Better wear protection
- Increased fuel efficiency
- Better protection of the expensive catalytic emission system
- Improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol
- Titanium strong for maximum engine performance
- Reduces metal-to-metal contact across a range of different driving speeds
- Protects the engine for the entire drain interval even under extreme pressure
- Decreases engine deposit formation to help maximize engine response


When it comes to motor oil, most of the time it is not only about the brand but also cost and if you don’t mind changing the oil at or below 10k, we do think Castrol Edge is the more economical choice for it has the same good performance.