Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin LTX

Is it already the time for you to change that old tires on your SUV again since the treading is starting to worn off and can’t provide the traction anymore. If the answer is yes, then you need to check at both Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin LTX. They are among the most popular in the market for the application of all season that can work great for various condition. If you also wonder which can be the better option, go check which can be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a tire
– What are Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX
– How are the Performance of Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX
– How are the Comfort of Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX
– How are the Tread Life of Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX
– Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin LTX

Choosing Tires
Tire is one of the most important part in our vehicle because they are the one that are going to be in direct contact with the road and other surfaces we are driving in. Different surfaces will cause different problem which is why we need to pick the one that match the place we often drive or condition so we can get the best benefit or performance out of those tires. However, since they are so many of them, choosing one can get quite confusing.

For those who live in the city and only drive their car to work or grocery stores with the most road being a smooth and have less problem except weather, the best option is an all-season because just like the name, they are capable of offering a good performance in different season without being amazing in one of them. This type of tire is also what commonly used in new cars from manufacturer. At the other hand, if you often drive in rougher terrain, All terrain will be the better option.

All terrain is a versatile tire which will take care of rougher terrain as good as it is on highway without being extremely the best in either of them. This type of tire can be a good option for handling various season as well due to the treading, but may produce more noise and not as good when in highway compared to all season. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler vs Bridgestone Dueler here.

About Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX
Among those many all-season tires available in the market, we can choose freely from those numbers according to our taste or preference. We can choose far quickly if we already have a favorite brand for we can just look into their collection but if you don’t have specific name to narrow down the number, Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX can be a good option to pick in the market because they are equally good in almost all parts or side from traction into comfort.

These two tires from different brands actually have several models into their collection and we are not going to talk about all of them, but the one in our article today is their all season Pirelli Scorpion  Verde Plus compared with Premiere LTX from Michelin.

Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX Traction
On dry traction, both of these tires have the same quality and performance. Pirelli have asymmetric tread pattern with an optimized rubber to void ratio combined with a uniform contact patch. At the other hand, Michelin has symmetric pattern which is also good in braking and acceleration capabilities. In wet condition, Michelin seems to be better because it uses a combination of Silica and sunflower oil in their tread compound together with their EverGrip technology. This combination will widens the rain grooves as the tire wears which is great for wet traction.

As for Pirelli, their performance is not bad at all even though they are not as good. This is because they are enhancing the tread compound, wide circumferential grooves and dense sipes, thus we can drive comfortably and confidently even on wet pavement. When the snow piled up, both of these tires are working wonderful with either light snow, slush, and icy condition. They are not as good as winter tires but still dependable in most condition as long as the snow is not too deep.

Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX Handling and Noise
After how they can work on various condition and surfaces, their comfort that covers handling and noise produced can be a good information as well to help us decide if they are going to be pleasant to install or not. In its handling, Pirelli seems to be better with a superior feeling compared to Michelin LTX which is also not disappointing. Scorpion is better because it is well balanced and has refined handling capabilities so more spirited driver can enjoy them better when taking off ramps at the limit.

Almost no driver prefer a noisy tires that make a lot of noise on the road if not for shows because we want those that won’t disturb other people or passenger when driven. In this part, Michelin LTX is winning because it is very quiet with the noise almost non-existent while the construction itself help with the overall comfort this tire can offer. At the other hand, the easy handling of Michelin Pirelli Scorpion will cost on how much noise it produce.

Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX Tread Life
Since tire is something we have to replace from time to time, it is good to purchase those that can last longer or at least help us push the purchasing date for later. Tires mostly can last for years of regular use but comparing both of Pirelli Scorpion and Michelin LTX, it seems that Pirelli can last longer than Michelin though the gap is not prominent. On warranty, Pirelli will give us 65K mile tread warranty while Michelin is a bit shorter at 60K miles.

Now, let’s compare Pirelli Scorpion with Michelin LTX. As you may already know, the difference between these models is one how they can perform in different condition and on the comfort level. Wet traction and noise level let Michelin wins but in tread life and handling, Pirelli is better with its longer tread life and balance handling.

Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin LTX

- automotive passenger car all season tires
- Item Weight 31.8 pounds
- Product Dimensions 29.1 x 29.1 x 7.5 inches
- Half-worn Premier tires are safe because of EverGrip Technology which combines an evolving tread with a high traction compound for enhanced wet-braking capabilities.
- With EverGrip Technology, expanding rain grooves widen and emerging grooves open as the tire wears to maintain traction.
- Extreme amounts of silica in the EverGrip compound provides exceptional wet grip for everyday handling.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them are almost equally a good option. However, we prefer Pirelli Scorpion because with the affordable price for each one of them compared to Michelin, we can already get a longer tread life as well as easy handling.