Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Blizzak

Tire is one of the most important part in our car that we should change from time to time to be able to deliver its fullest performance. Depend on the kind of environment and condition we often drive, looking for a special tire may be a good option such as Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Blizzak. Both of them are preferred by many users due to their performance on winter season but if you wonder which can be the better option, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a winter tire
– What are Pirelli Scorpion and Bridgestone Blizzak
– What Pirelli Scorpion and Bridgestone Blizzak can offer to you
– Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Blizzak

Choosing Winter Tire
Many drivers choose to mount all season or all terrain in their vehicle because these type of tires are indeed can work good in several condition and surfaces depend on the user’s need. However, in places where the winter can get quite extreme, both of them may not able to provide the proper traction and performance we need to drive along the condition which is why it is important thing to consider the option before making any decision to make sure we won’t regret it later.

As you may already know, driving during blizzard would not be a good decision since it is practically dangerous to be outside at such time, let alone driving. However, when the snowfall has ended and leaving the high pile of white ice on the road that makes them slippery and hard to grip, it is time to change into your winter tire. Depend on where you live, some countries in the world even mandate their citizen to use winter tires in cold weather to be safer though U.S doesn’t.

While some of us may have different experience, many people seem to agree that a rear-wheel drive vehicle with four winter tires can even outperform a four-wheel drive car with all-season tires. This is because winter tire will help the car stop more quickly and corner faster than all-season and they are proven to improve braking up to 25% while reducing related accident by as much as 38%.

About Pirelli Scorpion and Bridgestone Blizzak
The market have a huge amount of winter tires to offer and we can choose from those pile of collection based on our preference. However, if you want those that will give a great performance when mounted in your vehicle, Pirelli Scorpion and Bridgestone Blizzak can be a great option to go. Both of them are available in the winter series with Ice & Snow variant from Pirelli and Blizzak with its several collection but the one we are comparing in this article today is their WS80; the newest addition.

Pirelli Scorpion Benefit
Let’s talk about Pirelli first and before purchasing the tire, make sure to pick the Snow & Ice version because Scorpion series have quite the number in their collection, thus make sure to pick the one used for winter condition. What makes this tire works in winter condition is their rubber compound which designed to remains flexible even in low temperatures because in extreme weather, tires can get hard and reduce its grip on the already slippery pavement that can cause the vehicle becomes unstable.

By using a rubber compound that remains flexible in the icy condition, Pirelli Scorpion is able to enhance the grip and handling. On its tread itself, they are coming with asymmetric design, has stable shoulder area to improve the road handling together with a wide longitudinal grooves to resist hydroplaning and maintaining a good traction on wet , slushy road. Additionally, the angled tread blocks with circumferential and lateral sipes will help the tire to bit down into the snow.

On steering response. Pirelli Scorpion is also providing an excellent grip and handling in both wet and dry condition just like what we get in an all-season. It is very predictable and stable with standing acceleration traction in snow or ice as long as we don’t put too much enthusiasm on the pedal. As for the noise, even with the good handling this tire is surprisingly produced less sound than some other similar winter tires. Read also: Pirelli Scorpion vs Michelin LTX here.

Bridgestone Blizzak Benefit
Moving to Bridgestone Blizzak, this tire is not falling behind either because the engineer in this company work hard to make sure the tire can deliver a good performance even in a bad condition like snowy pavement and cold weather. The company developed a new technology to handle such condition called a Multi-Cell Compound that has a hydrophilic coating to attract water and drawing them away from the road so we can reduce the possibility of slippage which often happen when the road is frozen.

The result of this technology is a tire that retain its texture in a cold weather and able to deliver that grip and traction we need to drive on the road. Bridgestone also claim that the new technology also has microscopic studs to improve the braking time and road grip, thus we can stop almost instantly and avoid related accident like bumping into another vehicles.

This performance is proven to be amazing since there is very little different when compared to all-season braking when used on wet or dry pavement while driven in snow, slush and ice condition. However, on handling part, this tire seems to fall behind those all-season while it is still quite good thanks to the tread pattern with deep tread and grooves to channel snow, slush, and water away from the contact patch. Additionally, on noise Bridgestone Blizzak is not very good since they made quite the noise out there.

Now, let’s compare Pirelli Scorpion with Bridgestone Blizzak. As you may already know, in performance, these two winter tires are showing a very good traction, grip and braking as well as handling with a dependable quality we can count on. However, in comfort while they are equally have an excellent feeling, Bridgestone Blizzak is making more noise than Pirelli Scorpion.

Pirelli Scorpion vs Bridgestone Blizzak

- Item Weight 34 pounds
- Product Dimensions 30 x 30 x 9 inches
- Item model number 2179700
- MIGHTY MOLECULES - A new Hydrophilic Coating reacts to the elements for confident stopping power on snow and ice Advanced Multicellular Compound with Nano Pro-Tech works at a molecular level to remain pliable in cold
- OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION - New Cavity Shape distributes contact pressure uniformly across the entire footprint area for even wear and dry, ice and snow performance
- SERIOUS TREAD - Bite particles act like microscopic studs providing confident road grip and braking on ice 3D Zigzag Sipes create biting edges without sacrificing block stiffness Increased block edges by 20% (compared to WS70) for better handling on snow and slush

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them are a good option. However, considering the performance and price, if you have a lower budget for this winter, it is still wise to pick Bridgestone Blizzak because the price gap is quite far and we will need 4 of them at once.