Pioneer MVH-X390BT vs MVH-X380BT

A long journey or travel will be very boring especially when you are driving a vehicle like car by yourself or alone. You need an entertainer to make you still focuses on driving and throw the boredom. One of the device that you need is Digital Media Receiver. By this device, you can use your smartphone to be a multi functional tool. All you can do is just connecting your phone to it and enjoy some activities like listening music and radio. And the brand of Digita Media Receiver that you must buy is from Pioneer. What are the differences of Pioneer MVH-X390BT and Pioneer MVH-X380BT? Take a deep look on the article below.

Pioneer MVH-X390BT
Pioneer MVH-X390BT is Digital Media Receiver that can crank up any kinds of musics from some of your devices like iPhone or Ipod, Android, UCB thumb drive, and even tune into Spotify. There are also Bluetooth, Siri eyes Free functionality, powerful amplifier, and AM/FM radio to make you easier in reading and using the device. After the lists of features, we will explain it one by one starting from the Bluetooth which useful from hands-free calling and wireless music streaming on the road, The iPhone-friendly can plug your device into this Pioneer’s USB port and make music selections through the receiver. And you do not be worry if you are an Android user, All Android users can control their music via Bluetooth or you can plug into the front panel USB port and play music while getting a charge. If you’re using an iPod, iPhone, or USB device, Pioneer’s integrated MIXTRAX virtual DJ technology can turn your music collection into a non-stop playlist, complete with mix effects. Although it does not have CD player, it fits to many features into a compact chassis that will also fit into a lot of kinds of dashboards.

Pioneer MVH-X380BT
Pioneer MVH-X380BT is like a Digital Media Receiver with the best option for those who are interested in streaming musics. Why we can say that? It all can be seen from the great features like Bluetooth smartphone support, easy setup, and easy interface of any models. all things you get from this Pioneer are button layout, a large display, enhanced control for Android phones, and ability to decide whether the receiver accesses a USB-connected device for music or simply charges it. It is not actually providing CD player, but you can still enjoy the high-end radio options such as SiriusXM and HD Radio on it and also it allows your smartphone and digital media to take center stage. The MVH-X380BT is packed with features that will keep you entertained and safely connected. And once more about this device, the Bluetooth wireless technology can be used as your voice recognition engine and this is compatible with iOS devices with Siri voice prompts play through the vehicle’s speakers on it.

- Built-in Bluetooth for hands free calling and audio streaming
- Pioneer ARC App Compatible
- Works with Spotify
- Compact Chassis Design
- Bluetooth Dual Phone Connection & Guest Mode
- Access and Control Music Stored on Your Android Device
- Pandora for iPhone and Android & Pandora Station Creation
- 10-Level Brightness Control & Timer

Pioneer MVH-X390BT vs MVH-X380BT
Sentences by sentences have been written on the text above, we can conclude that Pioneer MVH-X390BT is better, not only from the features offered by it, but also from the benefits or advantages we get from this Digital Media Receiver. This is the newer and upcoming one so that, if you do not have it at all, you would better choose MVH-X390BT by adding only some dollars.