Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT

If you are doing off road quite a bit, then you need these kinds of tires to your lovely cars. It is absolute monsters on the trails especially when you use special cars too like your jeep. It will be stronger thing if you use these tires on your cars and you look cool on it. Try and go with Nitto Trail Grappler or Toyo Open Country MT.

Nitto Trail Grappler
Nitto Trail Grappler is known as the quietest mud-terrain tire with the same time added a few tricks. The Trail Grappler has two distinctive sidewall designs, each with its own subtle styling hues. With these two different sidewall designs, the tire should appeal to a broader range of consumers. The construction of Trail Grappler’s carcass is using two wide steel belts as a foundation, 3 thick layers extend from the tread’s base and continue up to form the sidewalls. The traction surface is featured with some large angled blocks that interlock to ensure lateral stability while interacting with the road surface. In the mud, the Trail Grappler performed as expected, returning our test mule to pavement with wheel wells completely packed with thick go, while in the sand, it returned acceptable traction considering the weight of it. And last, on the rocky, the tires returned ample traction and didn’t give us any reason to question the trailability that the name implies.

Toyo Open Country MT
Toyo Open Country MT will provide you with many tractions whether for on and off the road while we turn this Cherokee into a daily-driven rockcrawling rig. These wheels feature an aggressive eight spoke design that doesn’t sacrifice on great looks. The available size is in a 16×8 or 17×9 wheel, and made exclusively for Jeeps. It also offers traction and durability for a light truck and SUV enthusiasts who are looking for great looks with unheard of quality and ride comfort levels. It definitely is designed for full-sized pickups and sport trucks for both recreational and competitive 4×4 oriented enthusiasts who require extra ground clearance, load-carrying capacity and also an off-road capability. This is the result of extensive product engineering and field development that Toyo Open Country MT is designed not only to improve a vehicle’s off-highway performance but also to enhance its look as well. (See also : Toyo MT vs BFG KM2)

- All-terrain tire for jeeps, light pickups, and SUVs
- Z-grooves for lateral stability and mud traction
- Balanced void ratio for off-road traction and on-road comfort
- Reinforced shoulder groove for year-round all-terrain performance
- Stone ejector aids in tread protection
- Aggressive, Attack Tread Design with Hook shaped blocks
- Bite into the ground and help to eject mud, snow, and rocks while maintaining off-road traction
- Provides additional forward traction in deep mud and snow
- Deep Siping In The Tread Blocks - Help maintain grip on wet surfaces
- Strengthens tire to provide excellent handling and durability while maintaining proper load capacity

Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT
Some little different sizes (35×12.50R20 vs. 295/70R18), and on different trucks (2010 GMC 2500 CCSB vs 2008 Ford F350 CCSB), between Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT isn’t a direct comparison. The Nitto are so squirmy and it will be fine on your truck since they are the same size. One more thing about them is that Nitto is the bargain basement brand and the Toyo is top of the line.