Nitto 420s Review: A Solid Tire for Dry and Rainy Weather

There are many different conditions and weather which most of the tires engineer need to mind before investing their tire. It is because of the nature of the tire which needs a good examining where there haven’t been any tires which can cover all kind of terrains or weather at one time. However, there are some tires which can be used both in the shiny and wet condition like Nitto 420s. Nitto or NT 420s is invented by Nitto engineers to provide a confident and optimum performance in both rainy and dry condition. The NT 420s has many features which will help to support its performance and traction when used in many various conditions.So if you want to learn more about Nitto 420S, you can see the explanation below.

NT 420S has many features, and some technologies of this tire are quite decent. Start from its outer shoulder which is large, it brings support to its performance, and the blocks are made with such continuous pattern in the case to improve the dry traction. After that, there is also the inner shoulder which is done to support the wet performance. The tread pattern itself can be rotated from the front to back and side to side. This free rotation tread pattern has become one of its advantages which reduces the irregular wear that usually associated with the directional tires. It also has the siping across the tread pattern which brings the additional biting edges to help maintain traction in the wet condition.

This tire is one of the most successful in the market with the exceptional performance. You can notice its exceptional cornering grip or the decent overall handling. You can also depend on its traction on dry and wet which makes you won’t need to worry too much in these terrains and weathers. The ride is also proved very comfortable, and it is also very quiet for such tire. Other than that you can count on its durability as the production company claims Nitto 420s can be used for a very long time. However, with so many benefits that it has, you can’t also deny that there is a downside like some little road noise as the tire wear down.

- The Nitto 420S tread pattern was designed by an artist and it shows - The unique tread design is the perfect compliment to your wheels

In overall, Nitto 420S is probably the best when used in the dry and rainy weather. It brings its maximum ability in these kinds of weathers. On the other hand, the comfort and traction aspect are also pretty amazing. So you definitely need to put this tire in one of your top priority products.

Specifications of Nitto 420s
• Dry Performance
Large outer tread blocks to increase surface area in contact with the road, improving dry handling and cornering.
• Even Wear
Asymmetrical and non-directional tread pattern allowing for cross-rotation, reducing irregular wear.
• Siping
Siping across the tread pattern to provideextra biting edges, helping maintained traction in wet conditions.
• Wet Performance
Center tread pattern that effectively channels water for betterperformance in wet conditions.
• Tire Stability
Slanted 3D tread blocks to reduce flex for increased handling capabilities.

Pros of Nitto 420s
– Can be cross-rotated, improving wear performance and longevity
– Great performance in wet weather conditions and snow
– Great dry handling and cornering performance

Price of Nitto 420s
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