Nankang NS 25 vs 20

Gradually your tire will become thinner, it will lose the grip they used to have and become unreliable especially in wet conditions. No matter what type of car you drive, we will be replacing the tire sets at certain miles and for those who are driving everyday and looking for a budget option, Nankang NS 25 Vs 20 will be a very ideal choice. They are affordable but also quite reliable and for those who are interested in these tires, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider in the New Tire
  • What are Nankang NS 25 and NS 20
  • How are the Tread Design and Feature of Nankang NS 25 and NS 20
  • How are the Performance of Nankang NS 25 and NS 20
  • How are the Tread Wear of Nankang NS 25 and NS 20
  • Nankang NS 25 Vs NS 20

Shopping for New Tires

Our vehicle has so many different parts working together to make a full functioning transportation tool and these parts need proper care as well as maintenance and sometimes replacement as they wear off. One of them is the tire itself as it always comes in contact with the road, the rubber will tear and slowly break off until they are no longer reliable. Depending on various factors, your choice of tire may not be the same to what your neighbors have.

Tires used to be very simple but today everything is taken into account and making the choice more complicated yet, technology always useful to improve product quality and even as users, it is great to know some information regarding your current and new tire to understand which will give the best benefits for your application. There is no perfect product and depending on your vehicle, driving habit, terrain, etc. the same tire may deliver a different performance when paired with different factors.

Tire Sizing

This is probably what you want to know first whenever changing tires but chances you already remember what size the car is using now. If this is the first tire change from what comes with the vehicle, it is nice to check on the tire sidewall or the manual book to see what the vehicle is designed to work with; similar to when you have to change the motor oil. Tire sizing is important for not all vehicles have the same sizing and for online buyers, it is to prevent buying the wrong size.

 Nankang NS 25Nankang NS 20
Product Dimensions 24.2 x 24.2 x 9.2 inches
23.9 x 23.9 x 8.4 inches
Item Weight 21.2 pounds
19.6 pounds
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Driving Habit

Many people may have the same SUV or small truck, or sedan but our driving habit is very personal. The type of vehicle itself decides where the unit is designed to be used in and paired with an ideal tire, they are becoming a solid combination. Some of us may drive only on smooth pavement or highway where all-season and summer or performance tires will be ideal, some others living in an extreme place where there is deep snow and mud where mud and snow tires will thrive.

In addition, if you are driving fast and own a performance car, the suitable tire will benefit your experience. Performance tires are usually expensive and they are designed to give the driver a sport car quality with the increased handling response and traction, including in wet conditions. They seem to have unique patterns, construction features, and rubber compounds to enhance the overall performance of the tire.

About Nankang NS 25 and NS 20

If you already know what type of tire and how the tire should be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because you will find tons of them out there and chances all will roll just as good if the type and size match. User experience however, is a very subjective point and even with the same tire, sometimes you can see varying results among drivers. As tires will wear out at certain miles, many of us also consider their price point.

It is always best to shop based on what you need from the tire and how much we can spend then find a balance between both. If you are here then it means you are currently looking for a budget option and similar with many other products, it is a bit tricky to find a good tire but in the lower price range. However, it will change with Nankang as they are one of the best alternatives to more well-known names but without compromising performance.

Many may not be familiar with this brand but in fact they have been around for decades just not here in the U.S and in comparison, they are still fairly new in the country. This Taiwanese tire brand is one of the oldest in his country, producing reliable tires that some are available in the U.S and U.K. They also have various choices to offer and for those passenger car owners, Nankang NS 25 and 20 will be very ideal choices to consider.

Both Nankang NS 25 and 20 are equally made for passenger cars and more specifically they seem to be designed as a performance tire. If you have been using summer tires, these models will perform similarly to those types of tires and they are also claimed to be reliable in different conditions. The reviews for these tires are mixed as well and while many praise their performance, there are not so few who also state that they are performing poorly in some parts. Read also: Bridgestone Dueler Vs Dunlop Grandtrek.

Nankang NS 25 and NS 20 Tread Pattern and Features

As you can see from the sample picture above, these tires are quite different even from the first sight because they are already designed quite differently and the most prominent part must be their tread pattern in which the NS 25 is coming with an asymmetrical pattern compared to the NS 20 with symmetrical pattern. Asymmetric design patterns may seem odd but it has an upper hand and commonly used in performance tire type as it meant to achieve a high level of performance in multiple areas.

The second thing we notice from these tires’ external features is their circumferential grooves and this part is very important for the tire’s void ratio so logically they will contribute in wet traction because the extra room will let water to flow directly through the tread design. We can assum that Nankang NS 25 and 20 are going to have a good hydroplaning resistance when you are driving on wet roads and in addition, this part will offer lateral biting edges to assist cornering traction including on loose surfaces.

Besides the main circumferential grooves, there are tons of lateral grooves here as well which are built across the previous grooves and this will benefit your tires by aiding wet traction and adding biting edges so we can achieve better acceleration and braking traction. They also have prominent tie bars and this part is meant to reduce tread squirm when rolling including when you are accelerating as well as braking. Since they are designed by opposing block movement, tie bars will promote stability so the tire can prevent irregular wear.

The last prominent part in Nankang NS 25 and 20 is their sipes because you can find them on almost all over the outer and inboard shoulder. There will be more of them in an all-season or all-terrain and winter tire but their function is to improve the wet traction when being driven on snowy or icy roads. They are essentially subdivide tread blocks into smaller elements which are meant to give additional biting edges especially when you are driving in poor weather.

Nankang NS 25 and NS 20 Performance 

No matter how fancy a tire looks or sounds, the most important part will be their performance and in this part both tires are quite different. Starting with the NS 25, this tire is a very solid tire for the budget and you will surprise how good they are when trying driving with the set. This set is very responsive and feels comfortable on both dry and wet roads. Braking seems fine as well and many drivers even tested in light snow which shows a pretty decent performance unlike many other summer tires.

For the NS 20, we hope to see the same quality but this tire is very different to its brother and while it is similarly reliable on dry pavement, you will see how it behaves poorly on wet roads. Our main issue is the car needs more time to stop on wet roads and the handling is not robust which makes the vehicle less stable as well as high rolling resistance, making it not ideal for fuel economy.

Nankang NS 25 and NS 20 Tread Wear

The last point we want to talk about is their wear or lasting ability because many of us are looking to save a budget by choosing these tires and since they are very affordable, we can’t also expect to see much here. However, it seems that Nankang NS 25 and NS 20 are pretty much reliable here as well. Many drivers can keep the tire and still running good after 30k miles but to ensure customers will be satisfied with their tread wear, these models are also coming with 40k miles wear guarantee.

Nankang NS 25 vs 20

The best tire should be the one that fits your vehicle and driving condition or habit but affordable options like Nankang NS 25 and NS 20 will also offer a budget saving. Compared to each other, NS 25 will be superior in all aspects because it gives better grip and better allover performance especially on handling, braking and wet surface experience. They are however, similarly nice on dry highways including being very quiet.

- All-Season Ultra High Performance Passenger Car tire.
-Size: 225/40R18
- Section Width: 225
- Aspect Ratio: 40
- Nankang NS-20 205/55R15 24440009Engineered to excite the drivers of sporty coupes and performance sedans
- Available in the most popular staggered fitment sizes on the market
- its continuous solid center rib design improves high speed stability and responsive handling for navigating the highways
- Complement your car with the performance enhancing features of a set of NANKANG NS-20 tires!


All in all you can pick any of them that match your budget the most but for those who are looking at the best choice, we do highly recommend to get Nankang NS 25 because this model is performing better than its brother including currently being more affordable.