Nankang Mudstar Review: Good Durability with exceptional Tread Pattern

Having a problem to go through the mud? Don’t you like to see the right specifications of tire for it? If yes then you probably need to overlook this tire, Nankang Mudstar Tire. Unlike any other tire which has many various functions, Nankang Mudstar is the real star when used only in muddy condition. You will get as minimal problem in the mud when using this tire. Nankang Mudstar is also very cheap and affordable which is a good sign for the travelers or people who love to go through the wild place. This tire is most likely one of the most underrated tires in the market with its low price. But if you think clearly, why do you need to buy an expensive tire if you have a cheap one? You can’t deny the fact that this tire has been known in the market and it is one of the most affordable prices out there. So without further halt, let’s see the explanation about Nankang Mudstar below.

The first thing about Nankang Mudstar is about its tread design which is simple yet effective. There is a wide space between the tread blocks and the sipes with the small slits help a lot with the wet traction or even the snow and ice traction. There is also holes in the outer lugs which mean that Mudstar can stud the ice condition. After that, you can also see the ribs on the outer lugs which help a lot in clearing the mud. Other than its surface which is very special to many terrain conditions especially the mud, the tire itself is rather plain in technological usage.

If you see many mud tires have problem with their durability, then this tire is an exceptional case. Nankang Mudstar provides a good durability in its performance along with the fantastic traction in the mud. The only thing that you need to mind is about its comfort aspect. With such tread, it is quite understandable that this tire won’t bring too much stability to the vehicle. The ride won’t be too pleasant with a lot of unstable ride in your journey. But don’t you think that this kind of adrenaline is what makes your journey become a heartbreaking and interesting one? So yeah, for some people this kind of tire is what brings us the scary experience, but for other, it brings a fantastic adventurous experience.

Nankang Rubber Tire Corporation Ltd is the longest established tire manufacturer in Taiwan, having started operations in 1940 by a group of engineers.

So this tire is very simple and straightforward where you can get a durable and decent traction from this tire. The downside is its comfort aspect when you use it. Though you might also add the budget aspect when you choose which tire that you want to buy as Nankang is very affordable and worth the price.

Specifications of Nankang Mudstar
• Large and aggressive tread blocks to provide excellent traction needed in extreme terrain conditions
• Rigid shoulder and sidewall design that absorbs the bumpiness from rugged roads for increased comfort
• Large, open tread voids to evacuate mud and water effectively
• Pinned for studs allowing enhanced winter traction
• Please check the local regulations regarding studs
• Stud Pin Size is #12

Pros of Nankang Mudstar
– Very aggressive design, suitable for difficult terrain conditions
– Great winter performance
– Rugged construction

Price of Nankang Mudstar
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