Monroe SensaTrac Review: Rugged and Reliable Shock Absorber

There are many times that your vehicle might have a problem with its stability or the sudden shock from the road. You probably won’t like if your expensive car is having a problem because of that. So in case that you will face the shock in the road, we welcomed you with Monroe Sensa-Trac as the solution of shock absorption. Monroe Sensa-Trac is a shocks and struts solution with its PSD(Position Sensitive Dampening) technology along with the safe tech system which combines the exclusive precision grooves in the pressure tube and application engineered valving. This product is giving the ability to adjust more rapid change to the road and weight conditions than any other condition. So if you are interested with Monroe Sensa-Trac, let’s see the explanation below.

Monroe Sensa-Trac is a shock absorption product which has unique specifications. Start with its all-weather fluid which Sensa-Trac contains special modifiers to reduce the friction and ensure the smooth rod reaction. You can also see that the Rod displaced valving as it tuned for each application. The valving is automatically adjust to the road. It gives stability to various kind of road which makes Sensa provides such consistency and comfortable ride. After that, it also has a quite interesting parts like its piston which works with the existing groove tube technology in order to provide the responsiveness in the changing of road condition. Last but not least, the unique groove tube is one of its special feature which helps a lot in doing the job to perform an additional stage of valving for the optimum ride tuning.

The performance of Monroe Sensa-Trac is very much depended on its usage and the road condition. There are tons of benefits when using Sensa-Trac in a bad road condition, but you must notice that Sensa-Trac can’t give its maximum ability in every kind of terrains, just some specific terrains like the road and not something like gravel terrain.However, there are many interesting features which make the overall performance become quite decent, especially the precision groove which give the additional valving for the optimum ride turning.

All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction

In overall, Monroe Sensa-Trac is a decent shock absorber; it has many good parts which help a lot in supporting the performance itself. You can find your vehicle having a nice time going through the hard road, and your vehicle will be finer than ever.

Specifications of Monroe SensaTrac
• All-weather fluid with special modifiers to ensure reduced friction and smooth rod reaction
• Rod-displaced valvingdesignedespecially for each application
• Fluon-banded piston that works with existing groove tube technology to deliver responsiveness to different road conditions
• Unique precision groove that performs as an additional stage of valving for optimum ride experience
• Hardened and chrome-plated piston rod for long lifetime
• Nitrogen gas-charged design to improve ride and handling to maintain tire-to-road contact for reduced aeration
• Bronze-reinforced rod guide bearing with special seal to provide longer service life as well as consistent performance

Pros of Monroe SensaTrac
– Very effective performance in dampening road impacts
– Smooth performance thanks to the reduced friction
– Highly rugged and durable

Price of Monroe SensaTrac
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