Monroe Reflex Review: All Weather Performance With Hydraulic Lockout

Are Monroe Reflex shock absorbers any good? In the following Monroe Reflex review, we are going to take a look at Monroe Reflex 911506 Monotube Shock Absorber, which is quite a popular choice for SUVs and light trucks. Monroe Reflex shock absorbers are popular because of a number of reasons. They are cheap, yet they offer decent performance. You will be impressed by the smooth dampening. They are also reliable in virtually all weather conditions. Still, Monroe Reflex shock absorbers also have some cons to consider. Continue reading below before making your purchase!

What is a Shock Absorber?
In the simplest form, a shock absorber is a hydraulic oil pump that helps to control the impact and rebound movements of the vehicle’s suspension and springs. Besides smoothening the bumps and vibrations, a shock absorber is also important for keeping the vehicle’s tires in contact with the road surface at all times. This is very important if you want to maintain control and braking response. Contrary to the popular belief, shock absorbers do not support the weight of the vehicle.

Basically, a shock absorber works by taking the kinetic energy from the suspension and converting the said kinetic energy to thermal energy which is then dissipated away. But the process is not as complicated as you think. As mentioned above, a shock absorber is basically an oil pump. A piston works against the hydraulic fluid in the pressure tube. As the suspension moves up and down, the hydraulic fluid is forced through the tiny holes inside the piston. Because there can be only a small amount of fluid to pass through the piston, the piston is slowed. In turn, the spring and suspension movements are also slowed down.

Hydraulic Lockout
So, why is the Monroe Reflex shock absorber very good? First of all, it is equipped with a high-pressure gas charge which separates the internal oil from the nitrogen. As a result, the spring rate can be increased to maximize the damping efficiency and control. In addition, the design of the device has also been optimized to reduce the body roll rate and dive. This design enhances the stability of the shock absorber.

Monroe Reflex comes with a patented hydraulic lockout system which isolates impacts at the limits of the suspension travel. This hydraulic lockout system ensures that the vibrations will not spread around, as they are isolated into specific points. It also cushions the impact whenever the vehicle’s suspension gets fully extended.

All-Weather Fluid
Some cheaper shock absorbers have troubles performing in cold weather. This is because their internal fluids are not optimized for cold temperature levels. Their internal fluids may even get frozen if the temperature levels are very low.

However, Monroe Reflex is ready to face all weather conditions. It has been equipped with an all-weather fluid specially formulated by the manufacturer to ensure its usability and reliability in all driving situations. This special all-weather fluid contains special modifiers which also reduce friction and ensure smooth rod response.

The performance of Monroe Reflex is pretty good. For sure, it is definitely better than standard shock absorbers – especially the worn-out ones. Once the Monroe Reflex shock absorbers are installed on the vehicle, you can notice that the ride has been firmed up a bit. Taking a speed bump at a slow speed is comfortable yet controlled. But the biggest improvement is the cornering performance. Monroe Reflex shock absorbers have excellent cornering performance. Pot holes, tar strips, and pavement dips are now controllable, even when cornering. Considering the affordable price, Monroe Reflex shock absorbers indeed make a very good value for the money.

However, these shock absorbers are not as firm as the more expensive models. Well, they are slightly firmer than standard shock absorbers, but not as great as the premium options. So, if you are looking for firm, durable shock absorbers, you may need to take a look at the more expensive options.

The next thing that you may need to consider is that the Monroe Reflex shock absorbers are not very durable. They last for a while, but they won’t last for a lifetime. They can get worn-our within a few years, depending on how you drive your vehicle. As you may have known, the more expensive models can still deliver firm dampening even after ten years. These shock absorbers won’t. So, the Monroe Reflex shock absorbers are only good for light-duty uses. They won’t last long if you take them for heavy-duty rides.

Hydraulic Lockout: Patented unique hydraulic lock-out isolates impact at the limits of suspension travel

For the price, Monroe Reflex delivers a decent value. The performance is better than most standard shock absorbers. It is quite capable of smoothening impacts. The biggest improvement is the cornering performance; pot holes, tar strips, and pavement dips are now controllable. It is also reliable in all weather conditions. However, it is not as firm or durable as the more expensive options; it is only suitable for light-duty uses.

Monroe Reflex Review:Product Highlights and Specifications
Product Highlights
• Designed for vehicles that use monotube shocks
• Enhanced stability from reduced body roll rate and dive duringtight turns or evasive maneuvers
• High-pressure gas charge separates the unit’s internal oil and nitrogen to provide increased spring rate which maximizes damping efficiency and control
• Hydraulic lockout cushions the impact whenever the vehicle suspension gets fully extended
• Application-engineered for each specific vehicle model
• Ideal for large light trucks, SUVs as well as other vehicles with a high center of gravity

• PART NUMBER: 911506
• Upper Mounting Code:
Loop Bushing& Sleeve Mount, 9/16″ Sleeve ID X 1.5/8″ Sleeve OAL
• Lower Mounting Code:
Loop Bushing& Sleeve Mount, 9/16″ Sleeve ID X 1.5/8″ Sleeve OAL
• Travel Length: 8.375″
• Extended Length: 23.750″
• Compressed Length: 15.375″
• Dust Shield: Yes
• Dust Shield Material: Rubber
• Extended Bumper Stop: No
• Compressed Bumper Stop: No
• Extended Hydraulic Lockout: No
• Parts Pack(s): None

Monroe Reflex Review: Pros and Cons
– Affordable price
– All-weather fluid for reliability in all conditions
– Smooth and effective dampening
– Excellent performance on corners and tight turns

– Not very firm
– Not as durable as the more expensive models

Monroe Reflex Review: Price
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