Monroe OESpectrum Review: Effectively Eliminate Road Bumps and Increase Control

Are you tired with the bumps and shocks you get from the road? Even though that is mostly the fault of the road, your car is actually supposed to be able to block the bumps and shocks by itself. If it is not able to do so, maybe the time has come for you to replace the shock absorber on your car with a new one. However, when looking for a new shock absorber, you should always remember that not all products are the same – some may dwindle in performance when the weather gets bad, whereas some others are just not made for your specific vehicle. Quite recently, the Tenneco Inc. has just expanded their Monroe OESpectrum line in order to cover all domestic and major foreign passenger and truck vehicle models. Monroe OESpectrum has always been known as one of the best shock absorbers on the market. Previously, Monroe OESpectrum was only available for foreign models, but now you can get a Monroe OESpectrum model that has been specifically engineered to enhance your car’s performance.



Unlike many other shock absorbers, Monroe OESpectrum does not have any problem in extreme weather conditions. This is because Monroe OESpectrum has been equipped with an all-weather fluid containing special modifiers that ensure uncompromising qualities despite environmental changes. This special formula also ensures reduced friction and smooth rod reaction. So, no matter if you are driving through a very hot sunny day or an extremely cold winter season, Monroe OESpectrum will give you the same, reliable performance. The full displaced valving is tuned specifically for each application, able to adjust automatically to road extremes for consistency and ride comfort. The particular feature has enabled Monroe OESpectrum to have a dynamic, consistent performance. Whereas other shock absorbers tend to simply reduce the road impacts, Monroe OESpectrum is able to adapt. To put it simply, you will experience a minimum difference between running over a small pebble and going through a speed bump.

In addition, Monroe OESpectrum is nitrogen-charged. The nitrogen charging aims to maintain the tire-to-road contact by reducing aeration. This way, Monroe OESpectrum can have better longevity and consistent ride and handling. The special sealing with a self-lubricating fluid has been designed to retain gas without causing excessive wear or friction. The fluon band between the piston and the pressure tube helps to provide safe, reliable sealing for stable, enhanced control and improved durability.

All Weather Fluid: Contains special modifiers to reduce friction and ensure smooth rod reaction

Monroe OESpectrum has received lots of compliments and positive reviews from its users. People greatly love how this shock absorber is able to make their car’s handling and comfort better than ever, as well as the superb durability. Chances are, with Monroe OESpectrum, you are not going to buy any replacement anytime soon. However, if your old shocks have been there for a very long time, the process of removing these old shocks can be tremendously difficult – especially if there are lots of rust on them. You may need some professional help if you can’t remove the old shocks by yourself. Putting the new set of Monroe OESpectrum shock absorbers, however, is a piece of cake.

As mentioned above, Monroe OESpectrum is available in several different models for specific passenger cars and trucks. It has been designed to be compatible with Asian, European, and North American vehicles.

Specifications of Monroe OESpectrum
• All Weather Fluid
• 1-3/16″ Bore
• 1/2″ Diameter Piston Rod
• Fluon Banded Piston
• Full Displaced Valving
• Nitrogen Gas Charged
• Special Sealing
• Engineered to match your vehicle’s specific ride and handling profile
• Features the latest original equipment valving technologies for each specific vehicle
• Designed specifically to suit Asian, European, and North American vehicles
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Pros of Monroe OESpectrum
• Available in different models that have been made to suit specific vehicle types and models
• Outstanding performance in attenuating shocks and bumps
• Able to refine the ride and enhance the handling
• Durable and reliable in all weather conditions

Price of Monroe OESpectrum
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