Michelin Pilot vs Primacy

In General every component of the vehicle has a very important function. The engine is one of the vital components to prevent from damage, you should start learning how to take care of the car’s engine. Ban also serves stability and comfort to your vehicle. Therefore, in the selection of the components of this car especially ban should not be indiscriminate because it will impact very fatal for us and the other passengers of the vehicle especially for cars and the like. It is recommended to select the tires that fit the vehicle and have superior quality, no need for an expensive, most important is quality. If you are interested in buying Michelin products, there are 2 types of flagship brand: Michelin Pilot Primacy and Michelin. The difference is we will immediately compare on a review this time. Check this out!

Michelin Pilot
Michelin Pilot Super Sport has gone through a series of examinations in order to bring high performance sport tires and also has won 6 times Guinest World Record as the world’s fastest tire on dry tracks. No wonder, with all the benefits, Pilot Super Sport was believed to be the standard tires on some car ex. Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW M. Power Super Sport has three main advantages, i.e. maximum performance, good grip, as well as maneuvers. As for the Power of Super Sport is embedded technology Adaptive Chassis Technology (ACT) that is able to provide good stability on the streets straight or cornering. The tires are made by Michelin Technology Track Longevity 2.0 that makes durability on the track can be improved significantly.

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Michelin Primacy
Michelin Primacy as the most important safety features for users of SUVS in Indonesia because the braking distance of Michelin Primacy SUV proved 2.3 meters shorter in wet roads thanks to technology Flexmax 2.0 combined with optimal tire tread pattern and 3.8 meters shorter in the dry roads thanks to Stabile grip technology compared to other brands of tires (It has been tested using Honda CRV 2.0 VVT. 225/65 tire size R17). When a Michelin tire Primacy, drive SUVS ensuring the comfort of the rider in the face of an uneven road surface thanks to its technological Cushion Guard and also drive became more silent thanks to EvenPeak technology. Tyres Michelin Primacy SUVS currently available in 18 kinds of sizes ranging from size 235/75-R15 to 285/60 R18. Thanks to a series of tests done and with diverse technology embedded on the tires, Michelin Primacy is claimed to provide the maximum level of security in the drive.

- Dual compound tread provides excellent dry handling and braking performance
- Twaron belt technology maintains high speed stability and even wear across the tread
- MaxTouch Construction maximizes the tire’s contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering
- MICHELIN Comfort Control Technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise

Michelin Pilot vs Primacy
The Pilot Sport A/S 3 is essentially a summer tire with enough sipes added to it to qualify as all season tire. These tires have awesome grip for 3 seasons, but you must be careful in driving at snow and ice. The Primacy MXM4 is a good all around tire, but it is aimed more towards comfort than grip. It works alright in lighter snow, but it does not have a very aggressive tread design to dig through deeper snow.