Michelin Commander II vs Metzeler ME880

Choosing tires for motorcycles are indeed trivial and easily impressed. Go to a tire store or repair shop and at once put it, any Affairs gone wrong. Using a tire with specifications that do not fit with the character of the motor and the streets every day pass not only cause discomfort but also dangerous because it has the potential to cause an accident. Therefore, before replacing tires, should pay attention to some aspects of supporting security and convenience. There is another one, as well as the brand that will be purchased. Will you buy that already have names that are famous? If so, you can choose between Michelin Commander II vs. Metzeler ME880.

Michelin Commander II
Michelin Commander 2 is an unrivaled Ban Tire; Michelin tests with Harley-Davidson Electra glide classic rear prove Michelin Commander II is able to cover up to 40,000 kilometers (nearly 25,000 miles). Michelin Commander II creates new standards in terms of endurance, uncompromising in wet weather grip, maneuverability or stability. Silica rain technology integrates silica into the tire tread compound to prevent any form of wear and tear. Exclusive architecture Michelin commander II brings maneuverability and stability. Rigid tire, high-density carcasses increase maneuverability, while aramid fiber rear ply rear tire improves resistance and is light for perfect stability, even at high speed. Many longitudinal grooves New tire tread patterns optimize the spreading of water for exceptional wet weather grip. Reinforced density technology: A very solid, more-rigid, tire casing that helps provide excellent feedback and handling. Aramid tread plies on the rear tire retain centrifugal growth, reduce weight and provide excellent stability.

Metzeler ME880
Metzeler Marathon ME880 Rear tire The motor is a high-performance rear tire motor designed to increase traction and Off-Road handling, and the mileage has 30% longer. Ideal for everyday use as well as touring. The motor is designed with a tire trace and twisting the handle will result in immediate and perfect water discharges and thick but supple wall tires add to the comfort and safety of driving. It is featured with rear tire featured flatter tread profile and greater contact patch for better traction and mileage. This is a computer designed with a more tread pattern with offset groove alignment to wear uniform characteristics, low noise. Meanwhile, the tread pattern has the capability of water movement and stability of the groove rain and under hard braking. It has H-rated for speeds up to 130 mph, V-rated for 149 mph, or Z-rated 149 + mph and triple W which are width of white walls. After all, Ban is one of the most important components, whatever you ride and the Eliminator is not quite the usual one that has a four-cylinder 600cc motor in a street-style chassis’ rod cruiser, if you like. Metzelers come in a variety of sizes that fit most Harley-Davidsons, with a choice of 15 inches rear wheels and front wheel sizes up to 23 inches.

- Developed and tested by and for American riders. Test riders logged more than half a million miles on U.S. roads
- Each front Commander tire size is tailored to the unique handling characteristics of each bike by a combination of profile and casing designs
- Rayon carcass ply instead of polyester for a compliant ride and stable handling
- Aramid belts in the rear Commander, instead of less costly fiberglass, controls the centrifugal growth on the tire allowing a large contact patch, excellent traction and wear
- Built to handle the higher loads and handling characteristics of cruiser and touring bikes
- Rear tires feature flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage
- Computer-designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics, low noise
- Tread pattern has excellent water displacement ability and stability over rain grooves and under hard braking

In most review we found, they were firmly in the Metzeler camp until they found Comander II and out them on Vulcan and rode more than 7000 miles on the st. The wet and dry traction were just as good as the Metzeler ME880, but the wear was better and it had a substantially lower price point too. So, all in all, between Michelin Commander II vs Metzeler ME880, we will be putting a Michelin Commander II’s on the CTX here shortly. How is yours? Similar or Different?