Mastercraft Courser AXT Review: Great Budget All Terrain Tire

If you need a set of all-terrain tires that you can use for the whole year because you hate the idea of having to change tires for different terrains and seasons, but you don’t really want to spend so much money at the moment, you can put Mastercraft Courser AXT into your consideration. Compared to other similar tires, Mastercraft Courser AXT is relatively more affordable. However, you should not worry about its quality. It is certainly comparable to the more expensive tires. It also holds up very well to heavy-duty uses; it actually doesn’t melt like those snow tires when used in the summer. And, to make things even better, it is backed up by a 50,000-mile warranty of for the tread wear!

Upon meeting Mastercraft Courser AXT for the first time, you may be intrigued by the highly aggressive tread design. Sporting such design makes the tire looks cool. It looks rugged and solid. The aggressive 5-rib all-terrain tread pattern is asymmetrical, featuring lots of sipes and grooves that are pretty deep. The sipes and grooves are not extremely deep, and the tread elements are not very thick, like what you would expect from a premium all-terrain tire. Still, the tread design is quite aggressive and truly reliable in various conditions.

Mastercraft Courser AXT claims that it has 12% more lateral grooves than a regular all-terrain tire, which allow for better water and mud evacuation, also enhanced handling and traction. Furthermore, it also has wide zig-zag circumferential grooves that provide increased surface softness and snow traction. Meanwhile, the alternating shoulder scallops create great traction in off-road conditions. At the middle of the tread surface, you can find paired intermediate tread elements that are tied together in pairs to create the ramp-lock design, which aims to reduce stone retention by pushing gravel towards the grooves for easy and effective release.

So, how do these features translate into the real-life performance? All in all, Mastercraft Courser AXT is a decent all-terrain tire. For sure, it works very well on the road. It provides excellent traction and handling. It allows you to turn safely and confidently. It also performs very well through the rain and snow, though not necessarily as good as real winter tires. But the slightly lower snow performance trades evenly with the tire’s ability to work in various weather and environment conditions.

- Load Range: E / Ply Rating: 10 -Outline White Lettering - Speed Rating: R - All Terrain

The performance in off-road applications is awesome. It can go through unpaved roads and mud without much problem. Still, there is some limitation; it may not be powerful enough to get through extreme off-road terrains and applications, such as for hill climbing through a rocky terrain. But for mild to moderate off-road levels, it is great.

It is quite comfortable to ride. It is also pretty quite. Not the most comfortable or quietest, but still pretty nice and enjoyable. It is quite durable, especially if you don’t push it too far very often. The 50,000-mile tread wear warranty clearly shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the tire’s durability and longevity.

Specifications of Mastercraft Courser AXT
• 50,000 Mile Warranty of Treadwear Protection
• Aggressive 5-Rib All-Terrain Tread Pattern
Having 12% more lateral grooves, the tread pattern of the Courser AXT has been designed to tackle tough off-road terrains, at the same time providing superior on-road performance and handling.
• Wide Zig-Zag Circumferential Grooves
The wide zig-zag circumferential grooves provide increased surface softness and snow traction.
• Aggressive Buttress / Shoulder Design
The buttress design has alternating shoulder scallops, giving the Courser AXT an aggressive look and increased off-road traction.
• Paired Intermediate Tread Elements
The intermediate tread elements are put together in pairs with the ramp-lock design. This ramped-lock design helps to reduce stone retention by effectively pushing gravel towards the wide, circumferential grooves for easy and effective release.

Pros of Mastercraft Courser AXT
• Very good all-terrain performance, with great handling and traction both on and off the road
• Cool aggressive look
• Quite rugged and durable
• Relatively more affordable compared to similar tires

Price of Mastercraft Courser AXT
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