Launch X431 vs CRP123

Apparently, you are now confused in choosing between Launch X431 and Launch CRP123. Both of these two items are OBD2 scanners. An OBD2 scanner is a device that is used to diagnose and report the condition of a car that has been made with the Onboard Diagnostics II technology. Thanks to the OBD2 standards, many car models are now using the same communication protocols, connectors, and codes. Hence, analyzing and troubleshooting a car can now be much easier and simpler. Launch X431 and Launch CRP123 are two very popular models; these models are praised because of their extensive features. But what’s the difference between Launch X431 and Launch CRP123?

By the looks, we can tell that Launch X431 has a black housing and red buttons. On the other hand, Launch CRP123 has a red housing, but the center panel is also black and the buttons are also red. Other than the colors and the written names of the products, the two are very similar. They have similar button and port layouts. Both have backlit display screens, allowing you to read the information easily even in dim and low-light conditions. Each model has the buttons placed on the right side of the display screen. Such design makes them appear modern-looking, almost like portable game controllers. That is good – the design has made both Launch X431 and Launch CRP123 to be very compact, lightweight, easy to handle, and highly portable. (Take a look : Launch CRP123 vs CRP129)

Launch X431 and Launch CRP123 come with similar functions and features. These devices are very powerful. They offer various diagnostic utilities. Both models can read and clear codes on engine, A/T transmission, ABS, and SRS airbag. Both also offer the DTC service, DTC reading and clearing displays, oxygen sensor and carbon canister tests, and the OBD2 Data Stream Graphic. Both models offer easy free updates after you register them. You can update them via the Launch website.

However, the two models have different compatibilities. Both are compatible with the major car models from America, Asia, and Europe. But Launch X431 does not support Australian car models, whereas Launch CRP123 supports some Australian car models. So, if you have a chance of maintaining an Australian car, it would be a better way to choose Launch CRP123 instead of Launch X431.

- POWERFUL DIAGNOSTIC UTILITY; It can not only test Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag four systems, but also reads and resets code, displays data stream graphic, stores and playbacks dynamic data stream
- PRAGMATIC DTC DIAGNOSIS; It provides DTC help and service information, DTC reading and clearing displays, tests Oxygen sensor and carbon canister ,and displays OBDII Data Stream Graphic
- CONVENIENT UPDATE VIA PC; Updating software can be downloaded from website: mycar dot x431 dot com, which is only compatible with PC with Windows XP or Windows 7 system
- EXTENSIVE VEHICLE APPLICATION; Covering more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, suitable for OBDII standard after 1996, supports all 10 test modes of OBDII protocol
- POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: This obd2 scanner can work on four systems(ENG/TCM/ABS/SRS), it can also reads and clears codes on engine, transmission (A/T), ABS, and airbag (SRS)
- SPECIAL FUNCTION: The scan tool can supports DLC location hints/ DTC help/ Data stream display in waveform/ Historical data record and playback
- MULTI-LANGUAGE AVAILABILITY:The code scanner can support multi-language, such as: English,Spanish & French
- KINDLY REMINDER FOR UPDATE: The professional scan tool should be registered and updated by following the Quick Start Guide

Launch X431 vs CRP123
In general, Launch CRP123 should be your choice, because the model has a wider range of car compatibility. But for personal use, and you don’t use an Australian car, you can choose Launch X431.