Jensen VX7020 vs VX7022

Sometimes, you need to carry more than one or two devices in your car to help you along your trip. Why do not you try a new complete one? Beside it more reliable, it is also making a simple way. Devices in here are in form of GPS navigation system. Driving through the outskirts of the city won’t be just like any usual and monotonous drive with great quality music in your stereo. Aside from that, you’d be unlikely to get lost with the route you are taking if you have a reliable GPS navigation system. We have products of them from Jensen, and a plus value because, it is already touchscreen! There is no doubt if you have Jensen VX7020 and Jensen VX7022 touchscreen multimedia receivers, you will be blown away by their outstanding features. We know that one always works better than the other, is that for VX7020 or for VX7022? See the answer that we try to give you on this review article about Jensen VX7020 vs VX7022. Check them out!

Jensen VX7020
The Jensen VX7020 is already enabled Bluetooth to smartphone connectivity to build the navigation. It has a 6.2 inch resistive touchscreen and can okay CDs or DVDs. There are maps for the United States, Ouerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands on this navigation. VX7020 is powered by The iGO maps database that will give you a great navigation experience. The VX7020 lacks apple CarPlay and Android Auto because, the cutting-edge integration standards will allow you to use smartphone apps on the head unit. Not only Apple and Android, VX7020 also lacks the ability to do HDMI mirroring, which projects the phone’s screen directly on the navigation unit’s screen. Not enough of them, The VX7020 lacks a traffic receiver, so unlike some competing head units, it can’t check for traffic along your route. It also lacks the HD radio receiver that is present in many of the higher-end units we reviewed.

Jensen VX7022
There are some abilities that The Jensen VX7022 can do like show video from another source, like a smartphone and with a HDMI or MHL connector. And you can imagine the possibilities of viewing other navigation options like Youtube videos and etc. It brings in-car entertainment and navigation to a new level of amazing. You can easily connect any kind of smartphones you have such as Android, Blackberry, or even iPhone with the features of Bluetooth to control a large range of applications and also make hands-free calls. Not only that, you can also connect through USB and charge your device although you are in using it in the car. Other, it can play CDs or DVDs, listen to music or radio, and use steering wheel-mounted controls. In addition, the navigation system uses iGoPrimo and comes with just for the United States maps.

- Fits double-DIN (4-inches tall) dash openings
- Built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
- Maps of the United States plus millions of points of interest
- Built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
- Full function remote
- Double Din 6.2" High Resolution TFT Touch Screen
- Built-In Navigation - iGo primo Next Generation
- 2.1 Amp USB Charging Capability
- 5 Selectable Wallpaper Backgrounds / User Up-loadable Wallpaper
- Front Panel USB - Play-back Music / Video files via Portable Hard Drives USB Sticks

Jensen VX7020 vs VX7022
All in all, you have already read the whole words of this article and of course, we hope that you have found the right option that you will purchase it one as yours for the car. Overall, all we can say that if you want the ability to mirror another screen on the Jensen receiver, go and purchase the VX7022. Not only that, you will also gain the ability to charge devices needing more current such as tablets or other devices, and you can do steering wheels controls if you have a compatible setup. While, if you think that mirroring a screen is not a common thing, you should better choose VX7022 because, it already has hundreds of reviews from the loyal customers.