ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn

We sometimes often mistaken when choosing tires offroad, it doesn’t fit with their needs. Many who thought that the larger the tire tracks through extreme certainly can, think no more power from the engine to the final gear ratio caused each vehicle is different. But it is different for products ITP Mud Lite XTR vs. Maxxis Bighorn that will accompany each of your journey in comfort caused by the quality of the tires are good. Curious how they compete? Read the following article.

ITP Mud Lite XTR
ITP Mud Lite XTR is featured with the industry’s first Xtreme Terrain Radial tire and the combination of award winning technology of the Mud Lite and 589 M/S tires for creating the smoothest riding mud tire out there. It has also a super aggressive tread design features deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction. While, the radial construction means the Mud Lite XTR rides smoothly and finds more traction than bias-ply tires because of a larger contact patch plus there are 6 ply rated too. Not many people know that this model has 7 sizes that can be selected according to what kind of vehicles they have actually. Overall, if you are in a serious condition especially in mud you are wanting a tire with the similar attitude. You will need clearly the ITP Mud Lite XTR radial Tire for you UTV and even ATV. This is becoming the first industry with extreme terrain radial tire, the Mud Lite XTR will give you a full set of features that must be hard to come by or with. How about the 6-ply radial carcass? It will give you an outstanding durability and performance a rigid design. Surprisingly, the ultra aggressive tread pattern that is deep, angled, and grooved so you get exceptional traction that grabs whatever is in front of it.

Maxxis Bighorn
Maxxis Bighorn has more than 10 tire specifications that include rim size, tire height, published size, and tire width. Maxis Bighorn itself is a radial construction tire with a big footprint providing better shock absorption and great traction too. This Bighorn tire has extra large shoulder lugs and the ability to protect the rim and sidewalls from unnecessary cuts or abrasions. On the other hand, the raised white letters on the sidewall can give it a very sporty appearance. Maxxis Bighorn is designed to provide a smooth ride ideal for dessert, dirt, rock, snow, and mud applications. All makes Bighorn is a tire all terrain tire. For benefits include features at a time, Maxxis Bighorn has staggered shoulder lugs, deep tread blocks for self-cleaning capabilities, pinned for studs, an excellent traction in mud and rocky terrain only, an enhanced puncture resistance, and also an outstanding handling capability on all hard terrain.

- This listing is for 1 tire and the rim/wheel is NOT included
- The image is not the image of the exact tire you will receive
- It is for illustrative purposes only to show the tread style of the tire you will receive
- Extra lugs on the shoulder protect the sidewall and rim
- Raised white lettering on 1 side
- Radial construction provides better shock absorption for a smoother ride

Both ITP Mud Lite XTR vs Maxxis Bighorn are great tires, then there is no doubt if they might be the best all around tires on the market currently. However, XTR’s are better for the Mud while the competitor Bighornes are better for rocks. And the difference again can be found in the height, the big horns are pretty heavy and the 25″ measure a true 26″. So if you do not want a big power loss the XTR’s will be better because they measure 25″ and are slightly lighter.