ITP Mud Lite vs Mud Lite XL

One of the most important aspects when setting up an ATV is choosing the right tires. An ATV is typically used to drive through different terrains and surface conditions – hence the name, All Terrain Vehicle. Because of this very reason, you need to pay significantly more attention when choosing a set of tires for an ATV. The choice and decision can be trickier than choosing the tires for a car that sticks to the pavement. You need tires with great grip and traction in order to pass through mud hills, but you also can’t compromise too much on the driving comfort and rolling resistance. Now, let’s see the comparisons of ITP Mud Lite vs Mud Lite XL.

About The Manufacturer
Both of these two products are designed and produced by the same manufacturer, ITP. The company has been around since as early as 1982. The company is considered many people as the best source of ATV/UTV tires and wheels due to the unquestionable quality. ITP’s tires and wheels meet the demands of modern off-road enthusiasts by offering superior traction, precise handling, and long-lasting durability to overcome even the most challenging terrains.

ITP’s American facility is based in Clinton, Tennessee. The company always tries to outperform the competition by producing high-quality tires with innovations to answer new demands, ranging from fitment upgrades to durability requirements. In the racing circuit, ITP is now one of the most trusted names. It boasts a long and successful history in racing.

ITP Mud Litevs Mud Lite XL: It’s About Being Muddy
When seeing these products for the first time, there are two words that may attract your attention the most: “Mud” and “Lite”. After hearing these words in their names, you may have conjured your own images and expectations about these tires.

Of course, both ITP Mud Lite and ITP Mud Lite XL are made to perform in the mud. These tires are designed to handle sludge and mud with as few problems as possible. If you are going to drive through mud, you need to make sure that your tires can actually provide enough traction. Otherwise, if the tires can’t give enough traction, your vehicle will get stuck in the middle of the route. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

Perhaps the first thing that you can notice about these tires is their unique tread elements. The tires’ tread elements have deep curves that wrap the surface of the tire. Each row of tread elements is arranged in a V-like pattern. When used in mud, these hard tread elements essential function as mini paddles that push the mud out and away so that the drivers can have more power.

The curved yet sharp edge of the tread element also creates traction as it digs into the dirt. It has lots of durable biting edges to provide traction, hence allowing the car to move forward. What not many people realize is that the aggressive patterns of these tires also enable them to perform well in snow especially the harder ones. Although they won’t make the car zip fast like a snowmobile, they can get the job done whenever needed.

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ITP Mud Litevs Mud Lite XL: Thick or Extra Thick
The most prominent difference between ITP Mud Lite and ITP Mud Lite XL is the lug size. ITP Mud Lite is already aggressive with ¾-inch thick lugs. However, ITP Mud Lite XL is even more aggressive with much thicker lugs. It is equipped with 1-1/8” lugs.

So, how does that difference translate into the real performance? Of course, the much thicker lugs of ITP Mud Lite XL make this tire more powerful to go through deep mud or snow. It generates much more traction and grip so that it can perform better in such non-solid surfaces.

However, the extra power comes at a cost. The problem with thick lugs is that they make on-road driving less convenient. They generate more vibration and greater rolling resistance when driving on the road or a solid trail.

ITP Mud Lite also has thick lugs, but they are not as thick as its sibling’s lugs. So, it won’t generate as much vibration and rolling resistance. Note that the aggressive designs of ITP Mud Lite and ITP Mud Lite XL will actually make them wear down more quickly on regular trails. In other words, if you plan to stick to the trails instead of going through the muds, these are not the best choices for you.

ITP Mud Litevs Mud Lite XL: Lite-ness
The second key word about these tires is “lite”. Both of these tires are designed by the manufacturer to be lightweight. Of course, a lightweight tire has some performance advantage. Simply put, light tires are easier to turn and move than heavy tires. They are also more agile.

ITP Mud Lite is slightly lighter. The bigger ITP Mud Lite XL is also quite heavier. But, truth to be told, the difference in performance is not very significant. ITP Mud Lite seems to accelerate better on solid trails, but ITP Mud Lite XL is more powerful on mud and snow. You can still make them go forward quite easily and control them to maneuver.

Compatible Vehicle Types
The manufacturer has provided some recommendations to help you choose the suitable tires. Both models are available in several sizes. ITP Mud Lite is generally smaller, and is suitable for UTVs, ATVs, as well as SxS and golf vehicles. On the other hand, the larger ITP Mud Lite XL is only suitable for UTVs and SxS vehicles.

- 3/4 inch lug
- Sized for use on most late-model
- High-performance sport ATV's
- Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
- Sized for use on most late-model
- 1 1/8 inch lug
- Extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value
- Revolutionary all-conditions tire: it's a 6-ply mud tire that's designed for the trail
- a trail tire that slings mud with the best of them
- Unique center tread contact area provides a smooth

Both ITP Mud Lite and ITP Mud Lite XL are tires specially designed to perform on non-solid surfaces. They perform very well on mud and snow. ITP Mud Lite has smaller lugs. It is lighter, able to accelerate better on trails. For the best power and performance on mud, ITP Mud Lite XL is the way to go. The thicker lugs bring more traction and power so that the vehicle can go through deep mud.