Hankook Ventus V2 vs S1 Noble2

The comfortable driving also comes from the right tire in the vehicles. We need the best tire to get the best experience while driving. This time we have a famous brand of the tire come from Hankook. There are two types that we will give a review, the Ventus V2 and the S1 Noble 2.

The Hankook is the type of tires that have the best performance of its class. The new technology comes for the brands, making it the better choice when picking the tires. Let’s take a look deeper into the part by part so we can decide which one is the best.

Hankook Ventus V2

The design of the Hankook Ventus V2 comes with the sporty looks of the tire such as for sports sedans and sports coupes. The Ventus V2 is also equipped with a solid center rib that blocks around the tire in 3D design. It built for excellent handling and braking in any condition of the roads. Read also: Hankook DynaPro ATM vs Falken Wildpeak AT3W

The treads of the Hankook Ventus V2 come with the optimal design that is capable of the contact patch on the road. It will give the best performance when the car reaches a high speed. It is capable of stabilizing the speed and enhancing the noise with the suppress system.

The suppression system on the Hankook Ventus V2 has an amazing performance. The system synchronizes with the stabilizer system to reduce the road noise by blocking them. This means the Hankook Ventus V2 can minimize the tire roar in the road when it reaches the high speed. 

The pattern of the Hankook Ventus V2 has a V-shaped design which specifically builts for water evacuation on the wet road. Not only comes to improve the traction for the protection but also the grip for optimizing the protection. On the surface of the treads is an uneven wear protection system. So it is very easy to check the tire while something unfamiliar crashes the tire.

 Hankook Ventus V2Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2
Product Dimensions 22.7 x 22.7 x 7.8 inches

25.2 x 25.2 x 9.6 inches
Item Weight 15.7 pounds
21 pounds
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The comfortable feeling comes when we use the Hankook Ventus V2. Bring a lot of features from it to the comfortable wear on any occasion while driving. It may come to the wet road, dry road, or even a snow road in traction. The Hankook Ventus V2 will keep giving the best work to the car. 

The Hankook Ventus V2 comes with a price of US$80 sold on Amazon. With dimension 24 x 8 x 24 inches and 18 lbs of weight make the tire lighter than any other brand. It has a tire aspect ratio at about 45 mm and 205 mm of the section width. The price is so worth it for the complete features coming from the Ventus V2. 

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2

The Ventus S1 Noble 2 from Hankook provides an ultra-high-performance tire. This kind of tire is not builts for the track for racing but everyday use. That is why the design is more simple but in a sporty look. The design is fit for everyday use and it can boost handling and comfort from it.

The Hankook S1 Noble 2 is the kind of hybrid tire which can help to optimize the touring tire. The high-level grip comes to the S1 Noble 2 in an amazing performance. This means the grip can help to manage a comfortable drive during the drive. Even when in the high driving position, with the grip system there will be no issues come to it.

The S1 Noble 2 from Hankook comes with the silica system in the proprietary hybrid compound technology. This system will help the tire to reduce any noise, improve the wet or dry tracking, and also increase the life of the tread. With those features, the comfortable feel will come while driving in any condition of the road.

The aqua hydro system brings the Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 to block to improve the handling and the steering. Its design with the 3D hydroplaning stimulation with a straight rib block. It appears around the tire to enhance the grip while reducing the noise. This features also improve the traction and braking while driving.

Inside of the tread of the S1 Noble 2, it appears the 3D design of the kerfs system. The system helps the tire to improve the rolls over the pavement. With faster handling and braking, it will give the best acceleration from it. This means the S1 Noble 2 has the capability of handling the block stiffness pretty well on the road.

The semi-rib design that builds in the S1 Noble 2 gives the optimum reduction of the noise. It manufactures using wider steel belts with a high system balance. It will help while driving hard without losing any grip. Comes with US$131 is worth it to buy with the complete features on it. The size is also lighter with 225 mm of width and 22 lbs of weight. 

Hankook Ventus V2 vs S1 Noble2

- Solid center tracking rib – enhances braking performance and ensures optimal road contact pressure and controlled steering response at high speeds
- 3D effect on block edge – evenly distributes road surface contact for optimal handling and braking
- HPSR (High Tg Polymer & Specific Resin) Compound – ensures outstanding traction and braking on wet roads
- High-density nylon reinforcement belt – allows even distribution of ground contact pressure during cornering
- Designed with an asymmetric treated pattern
- the Vents S1 Noble2 incorporates a four channel rib design for efficient water evacuation and an advanced silica rubber compound to offer impressive wet handling and braking
- A straight rib block design applied to the outside of the tires contact patch helps to prevent unwanted road noise and increase cornering grip
- Additionally, the Vents S1 Noble2 offers a 50, 000 mile limited tread life

Which One Is The Best?

Both Hankook Ventus V2 and S1 Noble 2 have a specific feature on it.  But when we get a deeper look at them, we will get the best choices to pick one of them. As we consider the features, Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 has a better than the Ventus V2.   

The sporty tire delivers the dollops of comfort that comes from the Ventus S1 Noble 2, while the Ventus V2 does not have it. Comfort while driving is an important thing that comes from the tire. This comfortable feel comes with the complete features that come from the S1 Noble 2. The tire can muffles in the road perfectly and make no issues from it.

The road noise from the Ventus S1 Noble 2 is better than the Ventus V2. The noise is more smooth at slow to medium speed. When it reaches the high speed, the noise also does not roar too hard. On the wet and snow track, the noise is also still smooth, and the performance of the S1 Noble 2 is greater than any other tire.