Goodyear Wrangler vs BF Goodrich

So, it is now the time to replace your car’s tires. You are now looking for a good set of all-terrain radial tires. There are two good options that you can consider: Goodyear Wrangler and BF Goodrich. These are all-terrain tires very popular on the market. The new Goodyear Wrangler is reinforced with Kevlar for uncompromising off-road performance and durability. However, Goodyear Wrangler is also approved for highway use, though not many people are fans of the idea. On the other hand, BF Goodrich has updated the All-Terrain KO tire with the all-new All-Terrain KO2. Which one is better for the money? See the comparisons between Goodyear Wrangler vs BF Goodrich KO2 below!

Goodyear Wrangler: Design and Construction
Goodyear Wrangler is described by the manufacturer as an all-season and all-terrain tire that offers rugged strength, superior traction, and economical design. The tire is quite good-looking. On the sidewall, you can find outlined white letters that are cool and stylish. The aggressive tread pattern is sporty. The tread pattern features lugs and elements that may remind you of jigsaw puzzle pieces. That may sound funny, but the tire is good-looking nonetheless.

It is available in various sizes. There are 46 sizes in total, which are for wheels of 15-inch through 20-inch diameters. You can find it on various four-wheel drive vehicles, such as Ford F-150 4X4s and Jeep Grand Cherokees.

The new Goodyear Wrangler with Kevlar is said to be the best tire for versatile on-road and off-road driving. In order to make the tire more suitable for heavy and demanding off-road environments, the company has added the DuPont Kevlar material to the construction. As the effect, the strength and durability of the tire have increased to a totally new level. The new design also promises superior traction on rain and snow.

Goodyear Wrangler is warrantied for 60,000 miles of tread life. Various tests and user reviews have stated that the tire could indeed pass the tread wear warranty, so it is a durable and trustworthy tire.

Goodyear Wrangler: Performance
The overall performance of Goodyear Wrangler is very good. It is a top-rated all-terrain tire that offers well-rounded performance in various driving conditions. However, regardless of the great effort that the manufacturer has put in the design, Goodyear Wrangler is not a real “jack of all trades”. It is best for off-road applications. It is just good for on-road applications, not great.

The braking performance is great. It has great grip and traction, so it responds very well to braking. The dry braking is particularly excellent, whereas the wet braking is very good. It has good hydroplaning resistance. It provides full and precise control to the driver in most driving conditions. The snow performance is good, as it can bite well onto the road despite the slippery condition.

However, when choosing between Goodyear Wranglervs BF Goodrich KO2, you need to think if you are going to drive on the road more often than off the road. The weakness of theGoodyear Wrangler tire is the rolling resistance. It has fairly high rolling resistance, which is why it is not the most comfortable choice for on-road driving. Some people even describe the tire as “blocky” and “squarish”. The noise is pretty low.

BF Goodrich KO2: Design and Construction
BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 is an all-terrain radial tire. It is meant to replace the popular All-Terrain KO. In a glance, you can see the resemblances between the original model and the new model. However, if you look more closely, you can notice significant changes and improvements especially on the tread pattern.

BF Goodrich KO2 also sports an aggressive look. The design is perhaps even more aggressive than that of Goodyear Wrangler. The side shoulder elements protrude slightly outwards in a distinctive manner. The letters are embossed but without a contrasting color, creating a low-key appearance.

Now, let’s elaborate further about the construction of the tire. One difference that you can tell about Goodyear Wrangler vs BF Goodrich KO2 is that the latter model does not have the DuPont Kevlar material. Even so, it is still very rugged and durable. It features the race-proven CoreGard Technology which creates 20% thicker and tougher sidewalls for confident driving through road hazards and demanding environments. The extended shoulder rubber elements protect the sidewall failure zones, and the Advanced Deflection Design prevents protruding objects from splitting and snagging the sidewalls.

BF Goodrich KO2: Performance
When choosing between Goodyear Wranglervs BF Goodrich KO2, you need to consider whether you are going to drive on snow often or not. The weakness of BF Goodrich KO2 is the low snow traction. Well, actually, the snow performance is pretty good. But you still need to drive carefully to avoid losing traction.

That is pretty much the only weakness of BF Goodrich KO2. The aggressive design enables excellent off-road traction and braking performance. This is a very good trail tire. It is great on dry, wet, sandy, and muddy terrains.

The performance on the road is also very good. Compared to Goodyear Wrangler, this tire has less rolling resistance. It rolls more easily and smoothly. It grips well onto the road in both dry and wet situations. The stability is very good.

BF Goodrich KO2: Warranty
Unlike Goodyear Wrangler, which mentions the guaranteed tread life, BF Goodrich KO2 does not hold a specific tread mileage. The manufacturer says that this is because the tire may have different mileages on different uses and habits. So, the warranty simply goes for 6 years since the purchase date and covers workmanship and material defects.

- Size: P235/75R15 105S
- Sidewall: Outlined White Letters
- Load Index: 105 (2028 LBS)
- Speed Rating: S (112 MPH)
- Unbelievable traction for deep dirt, mud, and rocks
- Superior rock climbing and slick surface traction
- TriGard 3-ply polyester carcass guards against punctures and bruises
- Computer-optimized tread design for reduced road noise

Both Goodyear Wrangler and BF Goodrich KO2 are very good tires, but they excel in different fields. If you are going to drive more often on off-road environments or snow, Goodyear Wrangler is more recommended. The traction and overall performance are great. However, this model is not very good for on-road applications. On the other hand, if you prefer an all-terrain tire that is also comfortable for driving on the highway, BF Goodrich KO2 should be your choice. The on-road performance is excellent.