Goodyear Integrity vs Michelin Defender

Two of the top performing tires in the basic all-season class are Goodyear Integrity vs Michelin Defender. Both of these tires have been ranked highly since they came out over the past couple of years. So that leads to the question will be as: which tire is the better choice? Find out more at this comparison, review, and article.

Goodyear Integrity
Goodyear Integrity is a very versatile tire of one of the trusted names in the tire industry. The tread design and construction on this tire set is said to provide traction on dry and wet surfaces, as well as added driving comfort. Wet and dry road traction not only fulfilled our expectations but also exceeded them. All the highly mixed weather tread compounds used in the design and construction provide this set of traction tires. We were very pleased with the way they handled the wet conditions and avoided hydroplaning at higher speeds. Travel smooth and handle most all road imperfections without rumbling you out of your seat. Noise is reduced through Goodyear’s acoustics looking forward to the tread pattern, which we found to work pretty well. Treadlife on Goodyear integrity is not bad at all, due in part to a 460 UTQG rating. The tread design and compound used in the makeup of this model gives it added treadwear and improves treadlife, which is something that many drivers comment on as well. Cornering with Goodyear’s integrity is wind and very smooth. The center of the rib cage design adds more responsive steering and gives Ban more stability.

Michelin Defender
Michelin defenders levels for wear and tire 90,000 miles. They say Tires provide this kind of mileage because of the way their MaxTouch copyrighted construction combines with their IntelliSipe breakthrough technology breakthroughs to provide “special footprint blocks of rigidity” and extra long life. During all driving modes (acceleration, cornering, and braking) in the patch contact Ban improved because of this construction technology. Defender benefits in two ways from Intellisipe technology from Michelin, first by maximizing the number of sipes in Ban. This allows the driver confidence to brake even under stressful driving conditions. Defender has a more rigid footprint block created by this sipes. This and EnergySaver’s development with green X technology allows tires to have a reduced tread depth of purchase, which makes fuel tires more efficient by reducing rolling resistance. Riding in defenders is similar to riding Tires like General Altimax RT43 or even Michelin MXV4. It’s designed to be comfortable on all types of roads and reduce the jerks when hitting uneven holes or sidewalks. Driving 100 miles to your destination will not leave you feeling wear out or like you just boarded the cart.

- Solid centerline rib
- High-tensile steel belts
- All-season tread compound and a system of tread grooves
- The interlocking action of IntelliSipes creates a more rigid tread block
- MaxTouch Construction combined with the interlocking action of Michelin's
- Exceptional grip provided by IntelliSipe Technology maximizes the number of sipes within the tire

Which tire wins among Goodyear Integrity vs Michelin Defender? Make sure you have no mistake, either one of these tires will make an excellent choice for your cars. It really comes down to your needs. If you’re looking for higher all-season traction and braking, especially on wet roads, then the Integrity is the top pick. If ride comfort and less road noise, as well as a little better treadlife is what you’re after, the Defender would be our recommendation.