General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian

When it comes to specialized winter and all weather tires, there are two company that is being competitor each other like General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian. What this means is that they need tires that can withstand some winters with ridiculous amounts of cold, snow, and ice. The review will explain it all in complete way as much as we can do for you.

General Altimax Arctic
Altimax Arctic vs Xi3 is the same topic with different competitor, you can read it too. General Winter AltiMAX winter tires include winter Studdable / snow tires developed for driver coupes, sedans, minivans and crossovers, as well as light passenger-oriented passenger duty trucks and sports utility vehicles looking to increase winter traction. AltiMAX Arctic radials are designed to offer high levels of traction at low temperatures and are shaped to accommodate the use of optional metal studs. AltiMAX Arctic radial general use Tire all weather Dual tread compound to increase the flexibility of cold weather and wet traction. The compound is formed into a tread design with a center of rib stability and a directional pattern to combine to ask for dry road stability with evacuation water and hydroplaning resistance in wet and covered mud roads. AltiMAX Arctic radial 270-degree high-density siping across Ban improves snow traction when speeding, cornering or braking. Alternating lines of optional metal studs can be added on the shoulder and intermediate tread blocks to increase the hard traction of snow eating and freezing. The internal structure within the Tires includes twin steel belts on top of common polyester casing featuring Contrary reactive technology tires for reacting to different road conditions and maintaining better contact with road surfaces.

Nokian Rotiiva tire is built with tread compounds for extreme winters and remains soft so it can fit the way no matter what the outside temperature. The great thing about tires, which are rare for most Tires that provide dedicated snow and ice traction, is that you can still drive it during the summer once all that snow melts away. These tires are designed to be stable on and street with aggressive style of tread pattern that gives a handle on all kinds of situations. These are great for SUV’s and trucks looking for good durability and sturdy tire structures. If you click on the image Ban on the left you can see a more detailed tread pattern. There are many large grooves for water delivery and provide rough traction, as well as many small sipes for winter traction ice and snow. When the tires get too hot, they start to break down and wear much faster. Extreme heat can also impact the structure of the tires and deformities, making it dangerous to drive on. Rotiiva has a rib cooler that helps the shoulder of the tire, making it much more durable. Stone ejectors also make it much more difficult for rock and sharp objects to puncture Tires.

- Winter tire for coupes, sedans, vans, and SUVs
- Multi-Angle Sipe System
- Directional tread pattern with center stability rib
- Reactive Contour Technology (RCT)
- Stone Ejectors
- Severe Service Emblem
- Center Rib Stabilizer
- Respecting the Environment

The question will be appeared in this way: Which one is the best tire that is decent in snow, winter, and any season will come? We do recommendation for General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian, but since we only may provide one option, we prefer much in General Arctic although we known Arctic is not the best in really deep snow. However, for slush or hardpack snow a narrow tire it better than a wide tire. Please choose wisely on features you need actually.