General Altimax Arctic vs Firestone Winterforce

Winter tires used for passenger cars, light trucks, trucks and buses and very necessary in areas with heavy snowfall. In General, winter tire tread split into small blocks to maximize the performance of driving in snow traction capability with additional carpet treads and slip the ability of anti-side rib tread. Winter tires are made of special rubber that allows the tire to retain the handle without bending stiffness even at lower temperature of 7 degrees celcius. Whether you’re looking for a sedan of this type of ban? Please check the review of the General Altimax Arctic vs. Firestone Winterforce.

General Altimax Arctic
Previously, General Altimax Arctic vs Nokian is the latest one before this that will change the position. The General Altimax Arctic tire is a studdable winter especially for cars, light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. It is built with a special tread compound that will stay flexible in cold weather and tread patterns which can enhance stability and hydroplaning resistance, this is really a tire you can rely on them. General Altimax Arctic tires is accepting #12 metallic winter studs although only an optional one for extra traction. But, please observe and make sure your state’s laws regarding stud use. Use #12 studs. They are also branded with the mountain or snowflake symbol. It is designed and an ideal tire for all-weather dual tread compound for exceptional cold-weather flexibility and excellent wet traction. It saves Multi-angle sipe system with also 270 degrees of sipes adds biting edges that enhance traction more, directional pattern with center stability rib that can improve water evacuation and straight-line-stability. Moreover, it has been supported Reactive Contour Technology or RCT reacts to different road conditions, maintain optimum road contact through the life of the tire.

Firestone Winterforce
Firestone Winterforce radial is special because it is made for only excellent winter performance complete with the directional and computer-modeled tread design. Winterforce can deliver confident snow, wet, and ice traction and also provide a quiet, comfortable, and great ride regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, the Firestone Winterstone is siped and studable for good winter performance. It features severe snow performance to meet the severe snow requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association and Rubber Association of Canada. While, the directional tread pattern optimizes wet and dry performance through tread design and the high sipe density which is the latest one in high sipe density together with 3 dimensional tread patterns for confident snow, wet, and ice traction. Mud and snow rated too. The original tires on the car are also firestone all seasons. Worth mentioning that the snow grip doesn’t seem as phenomenal though. Overall, they have been great tires on all three vehicles.

- Winter tire for coupes, sedans, vans, and SUVs
- Multi-Angle Sipe System
- Directional tread pattern with center stability rib
- Reactive Contour Technology (RCT)
- All-weather dual tread compound
- Firestone Winterforce
- Speed Rating: S
- Black Sidewall
- Winter Studdable
- Advertised price is for a single Tire only

Both tires General Altimax Arctic vs Firestone Winterforce are good choices but the General AltiMAX Arctic outperforms the Winterforce in several areas. The Firestone and General tires are just comparable in moderate and deep snow, however the AltiMAX Arctic performs better in dry road handling, packed snow, ice and also wet grip. Although all winter tires have tread noise, the AltiMAX Arctic has the added bonus of being significantly quieter.