Fumoto Valve Review: Change Engine Oil Without The Mess

If you hate the process of oil changing as much as your childhood’s nightmare, then Fumoto Valve is definitely what you need. This valve is designed to replace the standard oil drain plug on vehicles to make the oil changing process a lot more convenient. It is a life-saver! Continue reading the Fumoto Valve review below to see the details.

The Importance of Regular Oil Changing
Most probably, you have been told to change your car’s oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles; regular oil changing is always encouraged in every car owner’s manual. However, the document didn’t exactly tell you why regular oil changing is extremely important. Even though getting your car’s oil changed is one of the least expensive maintenance services, getting it done regularly and on schedule is critical for preserving your car’s lifetime and saving you real bucks in the long run.

You see, oil is the lifeblood of the car. It keeps the engine’s many components working efficiently by reducing the friction and accumulation of carbon and varnish. The oil is also very important for maintaining the temperature of the engine by pulling heat away from the combustion chamber, preventing the engine from blowing up. However, the oil slowly degrades as its additives get used up. At this moment, the oil becomes significantly less effective in doing its purposes. It will eventually become less liquid and more sludge-like – which is exactly when you should get your oil changed.

Ignoring the oil change schedule may seem like a trivial mischief, but its effects are much more detrimental to your vehicle’s life. If the oil has been worn off, the engine’s components will get much more friction during the operation. There will be build-ups, and the temperature levels will become way too hot. Finally, the engine will get damaged, becoming an even bigger problem that will cost you a lot more money and time than a simple oil change.

Fumoto Valve, A Life Saver
Changing the vehicle’s oil is actually not a complicated process. In fact, car owners can do this by themselves at home. There are indeed various tutorials on the Internet that can guide you through the procedure step by step. However, it can be quite tricky and tedious for a beginner. Problems like getting your hands burnt by the hot oil and spilling are very common. After all, the oil changing process is notorious for its tendency to create a total mess.

But it shouldn’t be that way! Fumoto Valve comes as a life-saver for car owners. It offers a unique yet simple solution so that you can change your car’s oil manually by yourself. Fumoto Valve is a spring-assisted ball valve that is designed to replace the vehicle’s standard oil drain plug. The idea is that you can drain the old oil out from the engine with just a single touch on the lever, without having to get into contact with the oil at all. This way, the procedure can be cleaner, faster, and more convenient.

Build Quality
Fumoto Valve has an excellent build quality. The whole construction is made of forged brass and stainless steel. It has been constructed for lifetime performance. You can feel that the valve is truly solid, rugged, and durable. However, the superior build quality does not mean that this valve is impervious to any force and impact. The manufacturer is careful to mention that the valve is not suitable for cars with low clearance, as there is a potential that the valve gets knocked by the road or speed bumps. There should be no problem if your car has enough ground clearance to avoid getting the valve knocked by speed bumps.

The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty for this product. The warranty covers only workmanship and material faults, and you have to provide the proof of purchase. Note that it does not cover damages by abuse, misuse, accident, or negligence.

Once installed, Fumoto Valve is incredibly easy and convenient to use. All you have to do to drain the old oil is lift the lever and slide it over. It has a nipple where you can attach a hose so that you can drain the old oil without spilling the degraded black liquid around. With such design, your fingers will not have to get too near to the oil to get them burned. Moving the lever is also quite easy. It drains the oil pretty quickly. It also helps to eliminate debris readily. After the old oil is completely drained, you can load the new oil into the vehicle. Don’t forget to put the lever back to the original position to close the valve.

The only concern about Fumoto Valve is that the lever is quite easy to move. So, there is a possibility that the levers get accidentally opened, for example when getting it knocked against the road or a speed bump. Fortunately, there is an easy countermeasure for this potential risk. You can use an additional hose clamp to keep the lever in place when you are not using it. The hose clamp will make sure that the lever will not get opened accidentally.

- Drain your engine oil with a touch of a finger - Replaces drain plug for quick, easy, clean oil change - No more contact with hot oil and no messy hands or clothes

Fumoto Valve is an excellent solution for easy oil changing. It makes the process a lot cleaner, faster, and more convenient. No more getting your hands burned or the garage messed with spilled oil. The build quality is very good, and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The risk that the lever may get opened accidentally is easily prevented by using an additional hose clamp to keep it in place.

Fumoto Valve Review: Specifications
Weight: 3.1 oz
Thread Pitch: 1.5
Diameter: 14 mm
Gasket: 14 mm
Nipple Length: 5/8″ (15 mm)
Nipple Dimension: 3/8″ (10 mm)
Construction: Forged brass and stainless steel for lifetime performance

Fumoto Valve Review: Pros and Cons
– Incredibly easy and safe operation
– Excellent performance without leaving any leftover
– Eliminates stripped threads
– Solid, durable build quality

– There is a potential of accidental opening, hence a hose clamp would be needed to prevent the possibility

Fumoto Valve Review: Price
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