Falcon Zero F360 vs F360+

After reviewing a lot of dashcams available online, we come across the Falcon Zero F360 vs F360+. These cameras, beside of its unique cameras on the market, they also can record simultaneously that you can enjoy a complete driving experience with them. But, a question sometimes is appeared on your mind, which one is an ideal cameras for you? According to your need and your budget too. But all in all, you can read this review first before decide.

Falcon Zero F360
Falcon zero F-360 is a rear view mirror mounted dash cam with two lenses, each of which can be rotated 180 degrees. This camera is sometimes advertised as a 1080p supporter, but this is misleading as it can only record 1440x1080p in single lens mode. When using a second camera, the maximum resolution is 960x720p 20 frames per second each. 20fps is a fairly low frame rate, and results in slightly bumpy playback. The F-360 also supports 640x400p resolution at 30 fps that runs much smoother, but this resolution is too low to make details like other car plates. Like mostly dashboard cameras out there, the F-360 supports recording loops, auto on / off, and has a date and time stamp on video recording. It has no GPS, G-sensor, or parking mode. This camera supports SD cards up to 32GB in size, which can hold about 8 hours of video recording. Sometimes, this type of dashboard camera is called “cam taxi”, as it gives the taxi driver the option to record their passengers.

Falcon Zero F360+
By purchasing the Falcon Zero F360+, you will get an easy installation, unlimited viewing angle, and a multi-ready vehicle just clamping up your rear view allowing for an optimum viewing angle; Unlimited as one would find in a cam dash that nicely sits on the dash. Unlike some cams dash can sucker into the windshield, this can cause headaches if suction becomes loose and falls frequently and may cause damage to the device and may not even record important events. In addition to the equipment, it is easy to transfer units between vehicles. Top of the other features within the Falcon 360 such zero are easily set to use multi vehicles and the ability to be used in additional vehicles, night vision for interior clips and shots that are perfect for Uber, Lyft, cabs, limousines, and other applications with Built functions -in or speaker too on it. There is a 180 degree rotating viewing 120 degree wide-angle lens resolution, and also a 3.5 inch TFT color LCD. Last but not least, Falcon zero 1 year manufacturer warranty includes – class 10 UHS1 32GB SD card included.

- 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens
- 3.5-inch LCD screen allows a preview of what is being recorded unlike other DVRs
- Night vision for interior clips and shots; Built-in microphone / speaker function
- Supports up to 32GB high-capacity SD cards; TV and HDMI HD output
- Easy set up for multi vehicle use, have the ability to use in additional vehicles
- Night vision for interior clips and shots; ideal for Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, etc.; Built-in microphone / speaker function
- 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens
- Falcon Zero 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty included - 32GB Class 10 UHS1 SD card included

Falcon Zero F360 vs F360+
Both of the Falcon Zero F360 vs F360+ cameras have the ability of recording at the same video resolution and bit rate. At day, they both record average quality too. However, video can sometimes be rather washed out when facing the sun and especially at night, video quality is unfortunately poor, especially when recording the dark interior of the car. On the other hand, if you have not purchased yet, we recommend you to buy the new one of F360+, but as you already had your F360, we think it is more than enough as a good enough for your dashboard cameras.