EBC Redstuff Review: Low Dust, Quiet Performance, Strong Bite

EBC Redstuff is the company’s flagship model for prestige and fast passenger cars. It has become very popular on the market, with many customers praising the quietness, low dust, and powerful stopping power. In this EBC Redstuff review, we will see the details of the brake pads from start to finish, along with the pros and cons. Simply put, EBC Redstuff brake pads make an excellent upgrade from the stock brake pads.

The installation process of EBC Redstuff brake pads is not different than any other brake pads. It goes as usual. It basically takes no time if you know what you are doing. To replace your vehicle’s brake pads, make sure that you have all the tools and equipment needed. First of all, loosen (not remove!) the lugs of the wheel and raise the car. Then, loosen the caliper and remove the caliper carrier – the bolts on the rear of the hub are often on tight, you may need to use a breaker bar with an impact gun or a mallet. Next, replace the rotors and compress the caliper. Be careful, old rotors may be difficult to remove if they are rusted. Again, you may need to use a hammer or use the threaded holes to forcefully remove the bolts. Finally, install the new brake pads and caliper, and put on the wheel.

Breaking In
Most ceramic brake pads require some breaking in. The break-in procedure is critical to the brake’s performance because this is meant to establish an even layer of friction material that is deposited on the rotor of the brake pad. The break-in procedure usually involves a set of hard stops with some rest in-between. The problem is, it is often difficult to find a straight road that is long and quiet enough where you can perform multiple hard stops safely.

An extremely cool thing about EBC Redstuff brake pad is that it has a red “brake in” surface with a special coating which enables instant safe braking after the installation. This is very convenient. You still need some time to get the brake pads into their best performance, but you won’t have to perform any long, tedious break-in procedure. This is a certainly huge plus.

Cold and Hot Braking
Some ceramic brake pads can be extremely loud when cold. This is because the material requires some heat in order to deliver the best bite. While the performance is exceptional once they get hot enough, ceramic brake pads usually perform poorly when cold.

EBC Redstuff brake pads share some qualities of ceramic brake pads, in a sense that the performance is noticeably reduced when the brake pads are cold. However, the braking performance is still very much better than most ceramic brake pads in the price range and especially than stock brake pads. At first, EBC Redstuff brake pads may sound very loud, but this is only for the first 100 miles. After some time, the performance becomes much quieter. You will truly appreciate the quietness. Give the brake pads about 500 miles before you start judging their sound and performance.

Overall Performance
EBC Redstuff brake pads have strong and powerful bite. At first, the bite may seem to be a little bit too much. However, the braking performance becomes smoother and more pleasant over time. The stopping power is strong and very reliable. The improvement from stock brake pads is very, very noticeable. The high-friction formula enhances the braking power by 30%, whereas the company’s proprietary design increases it further by 15%.

The next great thing about EBC Redstuff is the low dust. After upgrading with EBC Redstuff brake pads, you can take your car for more than 200 miles and do some hard drives and brakes. You will be impressed by the very low dust they produce. Well, maybe they are not as great as the more expensive brake pads, but they offer a great advantage compared to the stock brake pads.

Overall, EBC Redstuff brake pads deliver real good performance, which is impressive for such quiet low-dust brake pads. They maintain their prowess in varying weather conditions. Still, they are not racing brake pads, so do not over-abuse them.

Suitable Vehicles
EBC Redstuff brake pads are compatible with most cars. The ECE R 90 type is approved for most passenger cars. They are also compatible with various European and Asian cars as well as prestige imports. However, even though the performance is truly impressive, EBC Redstuff is not meant for racing cars. You should not use them on a racing car. In addition, the manufacturer has clearly stated that EBC Redstuff brake pads are not suitable for SUVs and trucks.

- Lowest dust pad in range - Ideal European vehicle brake upgrade - High friction low heat fade - Great for fast street and premium sedan

EBC Redstuff makes an excellent upgrade from stock brake pads, suitable for most passenger cars. Unlike other ceramic brake pads, EBC Redstuff does not require a long, tedious break-in procedure. At first, it may be quite loud and too strong, but the qualities adjust over time. In the end, you will be impressed by the quietness and great yet smooth stopping power. The only down side is that the performance may decrease slightly when the brake pads are cold, as the material requires some heat to bite properly.

EBC Redstuff Review: Specifications
• Superb material for prestige imports and European / Asian cars
• ECE R 90 type which is approved for most cars
• High-friction formula improves braking effect by 30%
• EBC lowest dust fast-street brake pad with 15% brake improvement
• Capable of repeated heavy brake uses without brake “Fall-Off”
• Very low disc/rotor damage characteristics
• Features red “break in” surface coating for instant safe braking after the installation
• Redstuff ceramic brake pads, passenger car / saloon car pads are NOT made for Truck or SUV fitments

EBC Redstuff Review: Pros and Cons
– Easy installation
– Has the break-in coating which is very handy
– Very low dust
– Quiet performance, even when the brake pads are cold
– Excellent bite and stopping power

– The performance is noticeably reduced in cold temperatures because the brake pads require some heat to bite properly

EBC Redstuff Review: Price
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