Dunlop D404 vs K555

Choose the best car tires for vehicles buddy indeed became one of the things that simply prioritized. So, choose car tires with high quality and in accordance with the character of the car will be very influential in the performance, comfort or safety of the users themselves. Therefore, sorting and selecting a car tire a bit much will largely determine the quality of the tire itself, although it is actually a matter of quality of the tire does not always depend on the brand. Then, what are ya type or brand as the best car tires? This is it we recommend two of our competitors today: Dunlop D404 vs K555.

Dunlop D404
Dunlop D404 is designed for front motorcycle tires delivering the quality you expect in a motorcycle tire from one of the most experienced manufacturers of Tires in the Bicycle Tire market. Dunlop D404 motorcycle tires come in a variety of sizes that provide great underwear and motorcycle tire performance. Motorcycle Dunlop D404 tires come in front and back versions for great compatibility in Motorcycle tire setup. What are the features offered by Ban? Actually, they are written also in Dunlop D404 vs D402. The expanded range of sizes suits various child bikes and cruisers. There is also a complex footprint to provide an excellent balance of mileage and grip as well. Meanwhile, the front and back tread patterns are specially made for ordinary water evacuation and wet grip. This is really supported by the Bias-ply construction to provide excellent carrying loads and smooth ride for maximum comfort and with a central off center groove having excellent straight-line stability. In the latter, Dunlop D404 is not recommended for use on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles that you should see it clearly.

Dunlop K555
The Dunlop K555 is an OE Replacement Rear Tire. Dunlop is committed to providing O.E. replacement tires for sport, touring and many cruiser motorcycles. Bikes that started with the best should always have the best. Dunlop O.E. partners include Arctic Cat, Aprilia, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki, Victory, and Yamaha. It is featured with an excellent all round cruising tire that will offer long life with good all round performance and with also bias ply construction that help delivers a smooth ride for enhanced comfort. This tire is engineered for the specified motorcycles, and may also have been the original equipment tire. The compound and construction of the tire is uniquely suited to the weight, horsepower and handling characteristics of the motorcycles listed, even though the rest of the description and specifications may match other tires with the same name. Overall, this is really a tube or tubeless design for either rim type with low profile metric sizes and original equipment on popular Japanese bikes.

- Tread compound delivers excellent balance of mileage and grip
- Tread patterns designed to deliver outstanding water evacuation and wet grip
- Bias-ply construction designed to deliver excellent load-carrying capacity
- Offset center groove delivers excellent straight-line stability
- Value priced for a wide range of motorcycles
- Sidewall Style: Blackwall
-Tire Construction: Bias-ply
- Can stand any weather conditions
- DOT approved
- Outstanding quality and performance

Actually if we look deeper on this comparison of Dunlop D404 vs K555, these two-tire samples are not much to go on but here’s what we can report: The D404 is somewhat better than K555 although only on marginal. However, K555 is also sturdier tire with stiffer sidewalls too which is a bit heavier than the D404. One more thing, The K555 lasted about a third longer than the D404 while K555 took much more abuse with “aggressive riding” and over-limit loads than the D404 too.