DiabloSport Intune Review: Simple yet Highly Effective

Over the years, DiabloSport has produced various innovative products for trucks and vehicles to showcase their superior quality. DiabloSport’s products are mostly high-tech performance chips that are designed to provide various benefits to the vehicles on which they are installed. Thanks to DiabloSport’s large team of creative and talented people, the company can maintain their top-quality manufacturing and quick distribution. In the following article, we will see the DiabloSport Intune review. This device is suitable for both beginners and experts in the world of vehicle tuning, as it abstracts the complex variables and equations into simple, neat settings and presets that you can use to fine-tune your car quickly.

First Impression
You will receive the product in a neat box, which includes the tuner device, an OBD-II cable, a USB cable, and the quick start guide. With all of these included pieces, you are pretty much ready to use it right out of the box. You can connect it directly to your vehicle, indeed, but taking a look at the quick start guide first is much more recommended.

The quick start manual is quite simple and very easy to understand. It also comes with a lot of photos to make the directions even easier to comprehend. Nevertheless, you can actually download this quick start manual from DiabloSport’s official website before purchasing. You can take a look at it to get some good idea about how the product operates.

The tuner device looks quite nice. It is very lightweight, which is unsurprising because the housing is made of plastic. It has a size that is a little bit smaller than most today’s smartphones.

Keep in mind that DiabloSport Intune does not have any built-in battery, so it is not very suitable for stand-alone uses. The interface is entirely dependent on an external power source. You can supply the power needed either through the OBD-II port or the USB port.

Overall Use
Simply put, DiabloSport Intune is great for its intended purpose. It is rather simplistic, which is both good and bad. After you turn it on, you will find three menus for datalogging, uploading tunes, and tool setup. Each of these three menus has a few more submenus that are self-explanatory. You will need some time to really understand the functions and features of the device, but you will find that it is pretty straightforward and intuitive once you get the hold of it.

Note that DiabloSport Intune may require a significant amount of patience. It is not exactly blazing fast. Some of the most vital functions are slow, taking long periods of time to complete.

Tuning Features
DiabloSport Intune is a decent tool for simple and quick tuning, but it is not the best choice for the more serious works. It allows you to modify various settings such as the timing and fuel, but these settings are very simplistic. Still, it does have the capability for broad strokes.

The included tuning presets are pretty usable, but they are not really impressive. They are pretty good if you just want to try things out on your vehicle. If you want to make more serious changes, you should ask the help of an experienced tuner. He can make custom tuning presets that can be uploaded to the device so that you can fine-tune your vehicle.

Datalogging Capabilities
This is where DiabloSport Intune truly shines. The simplicity of DiabloSport Intune is a real huge benefit in this aspect. DiabloSport Intune does not require any laptop, adapter, or spliced cable to mess around with. You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks on a software program. Simply plug the device in, wait the device to boot up, navigate through a few menu screens, and you can datalog for about 10 minutes.

Although DiabloSport Intune is said to have a “virtually” unlimited datalogging capability, the capacity of the built-in memory creates its limitation. It can only datalog for about 10 minutes before running out of memory. This is already pretty good, considering that 10 minutes of data log can already give you a lot to go through.

During the datalogging process, the device will capture about 15 – 20 variables several times per second. You won’t see all of the parameters that device sees, which is a good thing.

However, as briefly mentioned above, DiabloSport Intune may take quite a long time to save the collected data. Expect to wait three times of the length of the data log. So, for a data log of 10 minutes long, it may take about 25+ minutes to save. On the good side, since the unit is powered by the OBD-II port, you can actually turn off the car during the saving process – it will stay powered. The battery drain is negligible because it has a very low voltage.

Customer Support
DiabloSport Intune has excellent customer support, with very helpful reps and active community forums. DiabloSport is very good in providing software updates through their forums. However, some updates may delete your data, so make sure you always back up your data and tunes to your computer.

- Pre-loaded with performance tunes that increase horsepower and fuel efficiency - Check and clear trouble codes, log vehicle data, hook up external sensors

As a tuning tool, DiabloSport Intune is pretty good. It is relatively affordable, and the simplicity makes it very suitable for people who just want to improve their vehicles’ performance with more control without having to learn the entire complexity of real tuning. You can even have a professional to send you tunes that you can upload to your car. But the best thing about DiabloSport Intune is the datalogging capability. It is simple yet very powerful.

DiabloSport Intune Review: Specifications
Feature Highlights
• 2.8” Full-Color High-Resolution Touchscreen
• Improves Torque, Horsepower, Overall Performance, and More
• Latest Generation ARM Processor
• Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
• OBD-II Data Logging
• “Easy Tune” Mode for Simple and Quick Tune Uploads
• Includes Pre-Configured DiabloSport Tunes
• Compatible with PC/Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
• 1-Year Limited Warranty
• Fits 5.3L Chevy Silverados2014 to 2016

Full Specifications
• Product Type: Tuner
• Brand: DiabloSport
• Model: inTune i2
• Part Number: I2030
• Application: GM Vehicles
• Year: 14-16 5.3L
• Chip/Handheld: Handheld
• Memory Size: 2 GB RAM
• Custom Tunes: 5
• Special Features: 2.8″ Full Color Touch Screen

What’s in the Box
• DiabloSportinTune i2 Tuner (1)
• USB to Mini-USB Cable (1)
• OBD-II Cable (1)
• Quick Start Guide

DiabloSport Intune Review: Pros and Cons
– Relatively affordable solution for tuning and datalogging
– Intuitive interface
– Simple yet powerful datalogging capability
– Ready right out of the box
– Great customer support, forums, and software updates

– May take some time to save data
– Limited tuning capabilities

DiabloSport Intune Review: Price
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