Continental Extremecontact DW vs DWS

Tires can make a big difference in the control of the car and the driver’s safety. By choosing the right wrapping rubber profiles, drivers can enjoy the driving experience even more comfortable and save money. Tires are good and also very depending on how driving and weather conditions. There are certain tires made especially at certain seasons like summer or all season. Call it the tires from Continental Extremecontact and we will give you a review on two products from the brand i.e. Continental Extremecontact DW and the Continental Extremecontact DWS. Their names were only similar, what about its specifications? If curious, we suggest that you read a review from us.

Continental Extremecontact DW
The ExtremeContact DW, DW itself means Dry & Wet. This tire is Continental Tire’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sports coupes and performance sedans. The ExtremeContact DW is designed to deliver good ride quality and serious performance especially for dry and wet roads. Similar with every summer tires, the ExtremeContact DW is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures and through snow or on ice. The ExtremeContact DW tires feature an asymmetric design with chamfered tread blocks and a continuous. There is also an outboard notched intermediate rib to enhance responsiveness and cornering stability. The continuous center ribs can reduce noise and provide constant rubber to road contact to control the longitudinal forces experienced when braking. It has a high void-to-tread ratio with open outboard lateral grooves, wide circumferential tread grooves and notched shoulder blocks on the inboard intermediate rib and shoulder can help disperse water to enhance hydroplaning resistance or wet weather traction.

Continental Extremenecontact DWS
The ExtremeContact DWS. The meaning is Dry, Wet & Snow. DWS is Continental’s Ultra High Performance All-Season radial special developed for drivers of sports cars, sports coupes, performance sedans and sport trucks. And special designed to satisfy their year-round driving needs by blending dry and wet road performance with light snow and slush traction. The ExtremeContact DWS features an advanced silica-based, high-grip, and all-season tread compound molded into a unique asymmetrical tread design. The design comes with stable shoulder blocks and a continuous, notched intermediate rib on the outboard side to enhance responsiveness and also cornering stability. The main of the tread features independent blocks separated by high-angle, crisscross grooves to provide the biting edges necessary to deliver wet road and light snow traction while independent inboard shoulder blocks helping disperse water to further enhance hydroplaning resistance and fouling weather traction.

- The ExtremeContact DW has pushed the envelope in performance with completely new technology exclusive to Continental Tire
- The ExtremeContact DW delivers excellent traction and responsive handling in both wet and dry conditions
- Enhanced performance in dry conditions combines with improved water evacuation for outstanding wet handling
- All-season passenger tire for coupes and sedans
- Enhanced performance in dry conditions
- Improved water evacuation for outstanding wet handling

Continental Extremecontact DW vs DWS
The Continental Extremecontact DW is designed for summer while the DWS is all-season and DWS can handle snow too especially at some sacrifice for Dry traction in Summer. The benefits of the DW is that it handles wet and dry summer conditions well while most dedicated summer tires just handle dry conditions well and fall on their face when it is in wet condition. If the OP uses true winter tires, the DW might be the best choice for the rest of the year. It can carry the same tread life warranty as the DWS.