Herculiner Review: Protective and Durable Multi Purpose Coating

If your truck regularly transports heavy goods on large volumes, it probably requires frequent services and maintenance. This is especially true if you often encounter stained spots and damaged parts that are caused by sharp objects, impacts, oil, gasoline, or other chemicals. You should equip your truck with the necessary measures of protection; otherwise, the […]

Generac 6602 vs 6598

Generac 6602 and Generac 6598 are popular gas powered pressure washer machines from the Generac company. People love these washers because they offer great cleaning power and performance. They are also simple and practical to use. However, should you choose Generac 6602 or Generac 6598? Even though Generac 6598 was greatly loved and preferred in […]

Generac 6602 vs 6412

Generac 6602 and Generac 6412 are two gas powered pressure washer models that look quite similar to each other. These two models share similar layouts and shapes. However, we should note that Generac 6412 is an old model and is now available at a slightly cheaper price point than Generac 6602. On the other hand, […]