Castrol Power 1 vs Power RS

Ig you have been running on Castrol Power RS Racing 4T for the few years back, but you still confused and want to get Power 1 Full Synthetic 4T, instead. Then, you have determine what the difference between Castrol Power 1 vs Power RS? Although it is exactly the same as Power RS. We still have to find out more that will be written on this following review. Enjoy!

Castrol Power 1
PT. Castrol has released Castrol Power 1 with new formulations designed specifically for users who need a high-performance motor. This includes semi-synthetic oil and the price is quite affordable. With his Castrol Power 1 you’ll get a good performance, and protection against runaway acceleration components guaranteed secure machine. Castrol Power 1 provide accelerated so fast, even my top speed is also increased because of the machine’s performance is so mild. As the motto of Castrol Power 1 “Superior Acceleration”, meaning that Castrol Power 1 is designed specifically for your crazy will pull and speed in the drive. In addition to durability Castrol Power 1 is certainly well tested. Castrol Power 1 was able to maintain convenience against the protection of machines within a tolerable long or about 2000 km to prove the reliability of this oil castrol sponsored a racing team for the arena team castrol Honda SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIPS through the use Honda CBR 1000 RR Fire Blade. Latest Castrol oil, there are several types such as Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T, and Scootech for automatic motorcycle.

Castrol Power RS
Castrol Power RS is our cutting edge product that promises THRILL. It is designed to deliver thrill by giving superior acceleration at a touch of the throttle. Castrol Power RS is equipped with Trizone Technology which is known as one of premium quality with full synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle oil designed for ensuring maximum power and performance and under demanding riding conditions. It has also an anti-friction formulation that is proven to improve acceleration compared to conventional motorcycle oils. The Race-derived technology for maximum engine acceleration plus the support of an excellent high-temperature air-cooled and water-cooled engine performance. There are also an excellent shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown and superior high-speed engine protection for helping extend engine life. It is really an outstanding oil consumption and control, gearshift quality and wet-clutch performance. The specifications as these following: API Service: exceeds API SL, JASO MA2, Viscosity: SAE 5W-40 // 10W-40 // 10W-50.

- Formulated with Trizone technology to protect all 3 critical zones: engine, clutch and gearbox
- Race derived technology for maximum engine acceleration
- Extreme high temperature air-cooled performance and water-cooled engine performance
- Excellent shear stability to prevent viscosity breakdown
- Exceeds API SL and JASO MA-2
- Fully synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil that has been designed to maintain a tough layer of protection on critical engine parts (premix or injector)
- Reacts to changes in operating temperature, releasing extra protection as it is needed
- Provides maximum and sustained engine performance even at wide open throttle and high engine speed conditions
- Delivers superior protection against thermal and machanical breakdown
- Designed for both oil injection and premix application

There’s been lots of discussion on this matter: Castrol Power 1 vs Power RS. Again, it also depends on what you need and your vehicle needs to find the most compatible one. The important part is the specification, as you can see, Castrol never gets wrong on that either on every series of oils they have and produced. Read carefully on each paragraph that explained them one by one of features as well as performances. Lets find and good luck on your choice though.