Bridgestone Dueler vs Dunlop Grandtrek

Tire is not something that will last forever in your vehicles and at certain miles they need to be replaced with a new one to make sure the vehicle will run properly and get good traction. For those who drive all-season, an ideal model like Bridgestone Dueler Vs Dunlop Grandtrek will be an amazing option. They are convenient and comfortable for any months of the year and if you will pick one of these tires, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • When to Change Tire
  • Which Tire to Purchase
  • What are Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek  
  • How is the Tire and Feature of Bridgestone Dueler
  • How is the Tire and Feature of Dunlop Grandtrek  
  • How are the Performance of Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek  
  • How are the Wear of Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek  
  • Bridgestone Dueler Vs Dunlop Grandtrek  

Changing Tire

Just like how your oil will run dirty and not be able to cool down or cover the moving parts of your engine, eventually our tire will also wear down and needs to be replaced immediately to avoid driving an unreliable vehicle. We usually know when to start considering a new tire but if you are not sure as to whether the tire is still good or need to go, we can pick a Lincoln penny and if you can see the penny above his head then it means we are ready for a new tire.

What makes your vehicle reliable is not only the engine but also the tire and our ability to control the car depends on the traction between the tires and the road. Tires will not need any tread designs of much tread depth when it only rolls on dry roads such as those used in racing applications but, in real-life there are events when the road is wet even covered in ice which is why tread design is needed to generate traction or to get a more proper grip.

Tire Size

If this is the first time you need to change the tire, there might be some consideration in which we should know first before heading to choose one. The basic factor to get a perfect tire is always the size, imagine wearing shoes size 9 when your actual size is 9.5, it won’t fit or if it will set too loose. The easiest way is to stick with the current tire sizing that you can check on the sidewall of any tires.

 Bridgestone DuelerDunlop Grandtrek
Product Dimensions 30.5 x 30.5 x 9.7 inches
31.9 x 31.9 x 10.9 inches
Item Weight 31 pounds
41.3 pounds
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The first set of numbers is tire width in millimeters and measured at the widest part so it is not from the tread; some people may call it section width as well. The next two digits of number after the slash is aspect ratio and it is the sidewall height expressed as percentage of the tire’s width. For example 255/55R18, means the height of the tire is 255 multiplied by 0.55 or 140 millimeters. As you may guess, the higher this ratio, the taller the tire will be.

The last two are indicating the tire construction which is R or Radial and if B then it is bias-ply yet the latter is very rare nowadays. The number then means to tell the diameter of the wheel from side to side.

Tire Types

After choosing the tire size, we can choose the tire type as well because there are several of them and not all will fit your vehicle’s application. The most versatile option will be either all-season or all-terrain tires. All-seasons as the name suggests are built to perform well in any season so they will stand out in versatility whether it is summer or winter. Dry roads are not a problem for most tires but wet roads can tell if the tire is reliable or not.

All-terrain is what most sport vehicles are installed with because of the same reason; versatility. It is very similar in looks compared to an off-road tire and in some models they may resemble mud tires more. They are designed to be run on unruly surfaces such as loose dirt, rocks, or mud and sand. They are also made to be ideal for highways since the tread is not as extreme.

About Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek  

After you have decided which tire to go with, now is the time to shop for one and if you are here then it means an all-season is what you need in the vehicle. This type of tire is versatile and more of a convenience to install because they can deal with any conditions as long as you are still driving on the road. They are ideal to be used in a place where the winter is not extreme and you are not driving something like a performance car.

There are lots of good brands offering common types of tires in the market but Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek will be two of the most ideal options if you are in look for some good all-season tires. These popular models are often chosen for their reliability and performance against various conditions but also still reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. What’s impressive is that these models are also claimed to work well even in light snow.

If you are driving crossover and sport utility vehicles or light duty pickup trucks, Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek are going to match the application. You don’t have to worry about all-year traction and run comfortably on the highway with these tires because they will offer maximum comfort. Read also: Goodyear Wrangler Vs Bridgestone Dueler.

Bridgestone Dueler Tire and Features  

Moving to their built features, let’s start with Bridgestone Dueler and in this article we are talking about the H/L Alenza. All of the tires in this line has UNI-T technology to increase comfort and control and to enhance tire life time but in some sizes, the company also add UNI-T AQII technology which is a dual layer tread compounds and this is meant to resist normal tread rubber hardening results from the heat the tire encounter multiple times during the journey.

When the tire wears, an underlying high-grip rubber is exposed to help offset the effects of heat and wear on wet traction so in these specific sizes the tire will be more capable in handling wet roads even when they start to wear. As for the tread pattern, Dueler H/L Alenza has this symmetric tread pattern which has been designed to reduce noise and enhance ride comfort. It has a large shoulder block and a continuous center rib to boost responsiveness and highway stability.

The wide circumferential grooves combined with lateral notches and sipes will help to increase the tire traction when you are driving in stormy weather. As for the internal structure, it has twin steel belts with reinforcement of spirally wound nylon to provide more support for under the tread area. In addition, polyester cord to stabilize the sidewalls and improve ride quality.

Dunlop Grandtrek Tire and Features

Now with Dunlop Grandtrek which in this article we are choosing the AT20, this tire is said to be made with advanced all-season compound that is molded into a tread design which combines independent intermediate and shoulders blocks with continuous center rib to improve dry traction as well as treadwear. It is combined with crosscut sipes and wide circumferential grooves together with deep lateral grooves to provide biting edges required when you are driving in a poor weather condition such as stormy or rainy days.

On the inside, there are twin steel belts meant to stabilize the tread while a Dimensionally Stable Polyester cord body and bead designed to promote driving comfort and vehicle handling, together with extended treadwear.

Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek Performance 

No matter how good a tire is built and featured with all bells and whistles, their performance will still be the most important part to notice and here both Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek are just good. For the comfort, these tires are built to be superb on dry, smooth roads and they are indeed great in this situation with a prominent reduction on expansion joints. The handling is also nice but here Dueler seems to stick to the road better and offer a slightly heavier steering.

They are not made for heavy snow and it seems no users have a great experience with these tires in such situation. A very light snow is the best they can go and even in this condition we recommend to drive very slowly because traction is very poor which is why we don’t recommend them if your place will be snowing badly during winter.

Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek Wear

The last point we want to mention about Bridgestone Dueler and Dunlop Grandtrek is their tread life and in this side both of them are not going to last very long. Drivers seem to have different experience on how long they can make these tires last but in comparison Dueler will most likely stay at above 70k miles compared to the majority of Grandtrek which often last at around 50k just about when the tread life is near its wear indicator.

Bridgestone Dueler vs Dunlop Grandtrek

These tires are good for the budget, they are not impressive but very much reliable under normal driving conditions. Performance wise they are also pretty much similar but on dry roads it feels like the Dueler is sticking to the road better, making the handling heavy and more comforting since it is able to stay on the lane. They are not for snow or slippery roads but the tread life seems to be better in Dueler.

- All-season tire for light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs
- VersaLoad Technology maintains tire stability and wear in various load conditions
- Variable pitch tread blocks for a quiet ride
- Dimensionally Stable Polyester for tire uniformity and a smooth, comfortable ride
- The Dueler H/L Alenza with UNI-T and/or UNI-T AQII technology is an all-season light truck tire designed for trucks
- In order to further enhance wet traction over the life of the tire, select sizes also have Bridgestone's UNI-T AQII technology which features dual-layer tread compounds to resist the normal hardening that results from the heat encountered during thousands of miles of use
- crossovers, and SUVs, that offers year-round traction even in light snow
- Reliable traction in multiple driving conditions for year-round performance


You can pick any of these tires and drive on dry roads confidently but they are not as great when used on wet roads or snowy roads. Overall Dueler is better for it feels more comfortable especially for the handling and it also tends to last longer than Grandtrek.