Bakflip G2 vs MX4

Bakflip G2 and Bakflip MX4 are two hard tonneau cover models coming under a thousand bucks. Well, for the best tonneau cover, there are a lot of people who would recommend you with a Bakflip product. Bakflip has been considered as one of the best brands of tonneau covers. So, we can expect these two products to have high quality and durability. Below, we will see more about the differences and comparisons between Bakflip G2 and Bakflip MX4 so that you will be able to choose between these two models.

As a matter of fact, Bakflip G2 and Bakflip MX4 have many similarities. This is because Bakflip MX4 has been designed based on the model of Bakflip G2. They share many similar features, but there are also important distinctions. Both models over sleek “no profile” look as they are very thin and slim. Both also have padded inserts that protect the cover and the truck, and each has integrated prop rods that will secure the cover in the fully open position, providing total unobstructed access to the bed. Both also offer easy and simple installation. Bakflip G2 and Bakflip MX4 can be easily installed using the provided clamps. You don’t have to drill anything. Yet, the cover seals tightly and securely. They will certainly protect the interior against rain, snow, dirt, sun, and theft.

However, unlike Bakflip G2, Bakflip MX4 has a heavy-duty core that is much more rigid. It also has a sleek matte finish that also provides superior resistance to UV and scratches, allowing the cover to look new all the time. Finally, Bakflip G2 requires you to open the last panel before closing the tailgate, but this tricky mechanism is no longer needed on Bakflip MX4. Bakflip MX4 now comes with the dual action seal that allows you to open and close the tailgate without having to open the cover. Very handy and convenient. (Take a look : Bakflip G2 vs F1)

Even though Bakflip MX4 is said to be the toughest aluminum surfaced cover in the class, we cannot really see if that is indeed stronger and more rugged than Bakflip G2. For sure, the matte finish is indeed durable. It helps in protecting the tonneau cover from the sun and scratches. However, the aluminum core is just about the same strength as Bakflip G2. These covers can still be dented by sharp objects and impacts. Hail can leave dents on these covers, but they are indeed strong enough not to break apart.

- Revolutionary "living hinge" system ensures water resistance
- Panels automatically latch to both sides of the truck bed
- Entirely "Clamp on" installation, no drilling required
- Universal Tailgate Operation with Dual Action Seal
- Injection Molded Latch Housing for Long-Term Durability
- Rated up to 400 lbs. of Evenly Distributed Weight

Bakflip G2 vs MX4
In terms of durability, Bakflip MX4 is just as strong as Bakflip G2. However, the improved finish and the dual action seal are indeed nice additions. So, between these two models, we still recommend you to choose Bakflip MX4.