Bakflip G2 vs F1

Confused in choosing between Bakflip G2 and Bakflip F1? Both Bakflip G2 and Bakflip F1 are extremely popular tonneau covers on the market. Both products have been trusted by many, and both have gained highly positive reviews from the users. Even so, Bakflip F1 is actually more expensive than Bakflip G2. So, what does Bakflip F1 offer that makes it deserve the higher price? Is Bakflip G2 sufficient for you? Below, we will see the differences and comparisons between Bakflip G2 and Bakflip F1. So, let us begin!

Both Bakflip G2 and Bakflip F1 are hard folding tonneau covers. They each consist of three panels that can be folded to open. Both models emphasize on easy and convenient installation, as they both feature the Clamp On installation method that requires no drilling and can be accomplished in a few minutes. Such design is very handy and practical. Both go under the bed rails. However, Bakflip G2 has visible elevator bolt attachment, whereas Bakflip F1’s attachment is completely invisible for better, more elegant appearance. Bakflip G2 is thicker but is actually lighter. On the other hand, Bakflip F1 boasts of being the world’s most low-profile hard tonneau cover. The Flush Aerodynamic Design is very thin, enhancing the elegant appearance even more. (Have a look : Bakflip F1 vs Extang Encore)

One thing to note when talking about a tonneau cover is the material for the built. Bakflip G2 comes with an aluminum construction that is lightweight and durable. It has a paint finish and matte seals. Bakflip G2 is actually very rugged and durable, but it is not as robust as Bakflip F1. It is not resistant to scratches and dents. On the other hand, Bakflip F1 is coming with an aluminum construction that is reinforced with FRP fiberglass. As the effect, it becomes more rugged and durable. The panel frames are powder coated and feature a fiberglass hair cell finish. The seals are made of Hi-Polymer EPDM with a semi-gloss finish. Thus, Bakflip F1 is UV resistant and dent resistant. The color will not fade over time, even with constant exposure to the sun. The surfaces also resist scratches well, ensuring that it will always look new and neat. Additionally, Bakflip G2 comes with just six clamps, whereas Bakflip F1 come with eight clamps for tighter and more secure fit.

- Revolutionary "living hinge" system ensures water resistance
- Panels automatically latch to both sides of the truck bed
- Entirely "Clamp on" installation, no drilling required
- Fits Flush To Allow Access For Mounting Other Acc
- Easy Clamp On Installation
- Flush Aerodynamic Design, The Worlds Lowest Profile Cover

Bakflip G2 vs F1
Overall, Bakflip F1 is indeed a more superior product than Bakflip G2. Bakflip F1 has a nicer design and is more rugged. It has good resistance to scratches, dents, and UV. However, if you really want to save some money, Bakflip G2 already has great functionality and can be a very good alternative.