Bakflip Fibermax vs F1

Bakflip is one of the most trusted and reputable brands when it comes to tonneau covers. If you are now looking for a reliable and durable hard tonneau cover, you are most probably going to be torn between Bakflip Fibermax and Bakflip F1. Both of these models are hard tonneau covers with excellent positive reviews. The users are all very satisfied by the quality and performance. However, one thing that you may want to consider when choosing between these two models is that Bakflip Fibermax is quite considerably cheaper than Bakflip F1. So, should you go with Bakflip Fibermax or Bakflip F1? See below for the answer.

Interestingly, Bakflip Fibermax and Bakflip F1 share some similarities in the designs. Both are hard tonneau covers with three foldable parts. They both feature aluminum construction that is reinforced by FRP fiberglass and fiberglass hair cell finish. For sure, both are very rugged and durable. But Fibermax’s panel frames are painted, whereas F1’s are powder-coated. Both are offering the easy Clamp-On installation for quick and practical mounting. Both are installed under the bed rails, but they both manage to keep the underside of the bed rails dry in the case of rain. This is an interesting feat by Bakflip Fibermax, which uses EPDM side seals with elevator bolt attachment. The seal finish is matte. On the other hand, Bakflip F1 offers enhanced Hi-Polymer EPDM side seals with semi-gloss seal finish. The attachment is completely invisible, allowing for better, more elegant looks. Another thing to consider is the weight. Bakflip F1 is featuring the Flush Aerodynamic Design, and boasts as the world’s most low-profile hard tonneau cover. However, regarding the body mass, Bakflip Fibermax is actually lighter. It is considerably more lightweight, and it is just about as thin as the Bakflip F1.

Seeing the designs of both models, we can conclude that Bakflip F1 is the one more rugged and durable, and this can be true. The better finish makes Bakflip F1 more resistant to scratches and dents. This allows Bakflip F1 to appear new and flawless for a longer time. Bakflip F1 looks slightly neater and more elegant. However, other than that, Bakflip Fibermax is just as reliable. It also looks good, but the thing is that it is just as reliable as Bakflip F1 in protecting the inside from rain, impact, and sunlight. If you only care about the performance and don’t really care about the looks, then Bakflip Fibermax can make a better value for the money.

- Best of all, this model is built to fit inside your truck bed, giving you unmatched style.
- This hard folding tonneau cover easily clamps on with no drilling and provides outstanding security against rain, snow, theft, dirt and sun.
- Fits Flush To Allow Access For Mounting Other Acc, Easy Clamp On Installation
- Locks In Full Position, Flush Aerodynamic Design, The Worlds Lowest Profile Cover

Bakflip Fibermax vs F1
Bakflip Fibermax is actually just as good as Bakflip F1 in terms of functionality and performance. So, Bakflip Fibermax is the way for the fullest bang out of the bucks. However, if you don’t mind spending some more dollars for better appearance as well as better resistance to scratches, then Bakflip F1 can be an excellent choice.