Bakflip F1 vs Extang Encore

Are you currently confused in choosing between Bakflip F1 and Extang Encore? Well, to be fair, the same has happened with a lot of other people who are looking for a nice and durable tonneau cover. Since the main function is to protect the open seats and cargo bed, durability makes a priority. However, you can’t also let your truck look too much like a field construction vehicle with it. So, should you go with Bakflip F1 or Extang Encore? Let’s put the two in a comparison and see the result!

Both Bakflip F1 and Extang Encore are hard folding tonneau covers. In other words, they are made of solid materials, as opposed to the soft tonneau covers that are made of flexible, durable fabrics. Each of these two models consists of three parts, which can be lifted and folded to open. Both allow folding from the tailgate direction, but Extang Encore also allows folding from the cab direction. However, there is a difference with the ways they fit on the bed rails. Bakflip F1 tucks under the bed rails, which is a more common design due to being much easier to install. It also looks neater and more elegant. On the other hand, Extang Encore goes over the bed rails. This design can protect the bed rails from getting scratched, but is more difficult to install.

Extang Encore is quite thicker than Backflip F1, which makes it less elegant to look. However, it features a bolt lock system, which uses your truck’s key to open. This feature maximizes the security. Bakflip F1, on the other hand, claims to be the world’s most low-profile tonneau cover, featuring the Flush Aerodynamic Design. It does not have the lock system. But it is also secure enough if your tailgate is lockable, because it can only open after the tailgate is lowered and it can’t be opened from the cab direction.

Material and Durability
The material of the tonneau cover should be considered because this factor affects both the durability and the looks. Extang Encore is made of a plastic material that is reinforced with fiberglass. While it is actually durable enough, plastic is not very durable against the sun. The color may fade over time. On the other hand, Bakflip F1 is made of aluminum and fiberglass. The construction is highly rugged and durable, ready to withstand sunlight, heat, rain, and impact. In addition, the color is less likely to fade despite facing exposure to the sun continuously.

- Fits Flush To Allow Access For Mounting Other Acc
- Easy Clamp On Installation
- Locks In Full Position
- Flush Aerodynamic Design, The Worlds Lowest Profile Cover
- Front Panel Handle Makes The EnCore Easy To Open
- Features BOLT® Lock To Match Your Ignition Key
- 3 Panel Hard Folding Cover Provides Front Opening/Rear Fold Up
- Hinge Is Ultra-Strong/Water Resistent/Superior Performance

Bakflip F1 vs Extang Encore
In general, Bakflip F1 makes the best way to go. It has better design and more durable construction. However, if your tailgate does not lock and you want to prioritize security, then Extang Encore can be a good alternative for the bolt lock system.