Bakflip F1 Review: Stylish, Low Profile Design, Easy and Simple to Install

There are several reasons why a hard tonneau cover can be the ideal choice for your truck. First, it is obviously more elegant than any other soft tonneau cover. Second, it is also more rugged and durable against sharp objects and impacts. It is also safer, as it takes a lot more effort from someone who wants to break it and steal your belongings inside. Now, if you are looking for the best hard tonneau cover, you can put Bakflip F1 into your consideration. Bakflip F1 is simply considered as one of the best hard tonneau covers on the market right now. Bakflip F1 is loved by many because of the stylish, low-profile design. But the quality and durability are also very good. Get to know better about Bakflip F1 below!

Bakflip F1 is a three-panel hard tonneau cover. All the three panels are foldable, allowing you to easily access all rear part of the truck. In addition, Bakflip F1 has been designed to be able to fold over 90 degrees, which is crucial for minimizing wind flow and safe driving at high speeds. The flush hinge design is nice because it minimizes water and ice build-up on the top of the cover. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Bakflip F1 can only open from the rear direction and folds forward. It cannot be opened from the front direction. The one-way access also ensures the safety of the cover, as the rearmost panel has been equipped with a locking system.

Another great thing about Bakflip F1 is that it is extremely easy and quick to install. It features the easy clamp-on design, which uses heavy-duty latches encased in injection-molded plastic for enhanced durability and ergonomics. The installation process can be accomplished fairly quickly.

With just ½” thickness, Bakflip F1 is very slim. Unlike other hard tonneau covers, you will not see Bakflip F1 bulking behind your truck. Such low-profile design is very cool and good-looking. It looks modern and elegant.

- Fits Flush To Allow Access For Mounting Other Acc - Easy Clamp On Installation - Locks In Full Position - Aerodynamic Design, The Worlds Lowest Profile Cover

As a hard tonneau cover, Bakflip F1 has a certain level of ruggedness and durability. The panel core is made from insulated EPS with 3.5 lbs density, and the panel frame is reinforced by black powder coating and aircraft-grade aluminum that is sturdy yet lightweight. Meanwhile, the panel exterior is aluminum that is layered with FRP fiberglass for lightweight durability. Overall, Bakflip F1 is very lightweight that it will not become any significant hindrance to your truck’s performance. Even so, Bakflip F1 has superior resistance to sunlight and scratches. Some users have said that Bakflip F1 is still prone to dents, but only if caused by very hard impacts. Nevertheless, don’t forget that Bakflip F1 should not be given wax or any other product that contains wax, as the protective layer can be damaged by the substance.

Specifications of Bakflip F1
Panel exterior: Aluminum underside FRP Fiberglass top
Panel frames: Aircraft-grade aluminum / black powder coat
Panel core: EPS (insulated) 3.5 lbs density
Finish: Hair cell texture
Hinge: Flush-style corrosion-proof EPDM rubber
Rubber trim: Upgraded scuff protectant
Handles: Upgraded injection molded
Thickness: 1/2 inch (OD)
Weight rating: 400 lbs evenly distributed
Size of box: 68 x 23 x 8 (inches)
Weight of box: 55 lbs
Install tools: 1 x 15 mm wrench
Maintenance: Wash normally with water and soap / 3M formula 303 UV protection. Do not use wax or any product that contains wax.

Pros of Bakflip F1
– Very slim and low-profile, making it very stylish and elegant
– Great durability against sunlight and scratches
– Easy and simple to install, thanks to the clamp-on design
– The frames can fold over 90 degrees, allowing for safety at high speeds

Price of Bakflip F1
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