Badland Winch Review: For Off Road Applications

If you are fans of off-road vehicle, then you must need most parts of your vehicles fully equipped and running with a good machine. There are many machines which will boost your off-road vehicle, but there’s one that you can’t refuse, it is the electric winch. With a 9000 lb, towing capacity and automatic holding brake for our safety, electric winch has become an essential part for most of the off-roaders. Most of the off-roader experts will recommend you to use the electric winch which will make your off-road activity more fun than ever. Here is an excellent and well-designed electric winch, Badland Winch. This electric winch offers you a very good showdown which will fit your off-road vehicle to go through tough terrain. So after knowing how essential an electric winch is, it is better for you to look for this explanation about Badland Winch below.

Badland Winch is providing you a lot of features which can be used when you are doing your off-road activity. First, it can make the series-wound motor to stay cool when going through a long pull. After that, it has a three-stage planetary gear system which functions for the faster line speed. It also has other important features like the free spooling for the fast line-out, power in/ out for the load control, 12 ft ergonomic handheld remote, and a roller fairlead with the nylon bushing. This product is also caring about its customers whereas it provides the automatic load-holding brake for the maximum safety when off-roading.

When first used, you will notice that the remote switch is a really important feature as the remote give us an easy way to use the winch even if you are traveling alone. You will find that riding your vehicle in many uncertain places like woods or forest with Badland Winch is a very comfortable ride. There are no issues at all with Badland Winch performance, it even gives a better protection for you and makes your ride more effective than before. The only problem is the price. The price is quite high, but with its top-notch performance, you will find it hard to avoid this perfectly made electric winch.

- Series-wound motor stays cooler during long pulls - Three-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed - Automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety - Free spooling for fast line-out Cable tensioner to prevent cable tangling - 12 ft. ergonomic handheld remote control

Badland Winch is a pretty good product which can be brought for your off-road activity. This item is very easy to be used, and the remote control is making it possible for you to go through the woods on your own. Even though the price is quite high, it is very well-worthed for you who loves off-roading to buy Badland Winch.

Specifications of Badland Winch
Model: Badlands 12,000-lbs winch
Motor: 6hp series-wound motor (12VDC)
Duty cycle rating: 5 % (45 sec @ max-rated load)
Geartrain/Ratio: Three-stage planetary/265:1
Cable: 0.375” diameter, 100 feet long
Cable nominal strength: 14,400 lbs
Brake: Automatic load-holding 8.8×2.5-inch drum
Dimensions: 20.9 in x 6.4 in x 8.3 in
Mounting Pattern: 10.0 in x 4.5 in
Weight: 86.8 lbs (complete with steel cable)

Pros of Badland Winch
– Comes with the remote control
– High power and excellent performance
– Durable and reliable, the motor stays cool on long pulls

Price of Badland Winch
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