Autel Maxidas DS708 vs Snap On

If you are ready to get a truly powerful automotive diagnostic scanner, you are most probably considering getting the Autel Maxidas DS708 or the Solus Ultra Snap On. Both are considered as very powerful automotive diagnostic scanners, with extensive functions and features. However, we also need to consider the prices. These two devices are rather expensive items, so you don’t want to make a mistaken choice here. Should you get the Autel Maxidas DS708 or the Solus Ultra Snap On? Find out by reading the comparison below!

Autel Maxidas DS708
Autel Maxidas DS708 is a very effective OBD2 scanner. Even though it is quite more affordable than the Solus Ultra Snap On, it already offers great vehicle coverage. It is compatible with more than 50 vehicle makes, including brands from American, Asian, Australian, and European manufacturers. It is also compatible with some OBD1 cars, which is great and allows even more usability and reliability. The support from the manufacturer is excellent, as you can receive frequent updates. However, the update software is IP-sensitive and will lock up the scanner if the IP address is from a different country than the first one used. You have to pay to unlock. Hence, you cannot use Autel Maxidas DS708 in different countries. Still, the functions and features are exceptional. It includes complete function capabilities such as live data, ECU programming, immobilizers, key coding, component activation testing, as well as sensor initializations. (Read also : Autel Maxidas DS708 vs Maxisys)

Solus Ultra Snap On
On the other hand, Solus Ultra Snap On is quite expensive because it has in-depth features and specifications. It has great battery life. The battery lasts very long even when it is plugged into the car. It provides combined control with touchscreen and thumb buttons. The display is wide and very convenient to read. Plus, Solus Ultra Snap On boots up very quickly. Using Solus Ultra Snap On, you can be already scanning just within 30 seconds from boot up to data transmission. The high-speed processing is awesome if you want to be as efficient as possible with your work. If you suspect an error, you can also restart the device quickly. However, Solus Ultra Snap On does not support OBD1 vehicles, so it doesn’t have as wide coverage as Autel Maxidas DS708. It also does not have some features like the immobilizer initialization, which is needed for Ford and Nissan models.

- Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 50 Domestic, Asian and European vehicle makes
- Complete function capability including live data, ECU programming, and many others
- Wi-Fi updates functionality allows for easy software updates and wireless access throughout the workshop
- Immobilizers, Key Coding functionality & Component Activation testing
- Sensor Initializations, ECU Adaptions, Coding & Module Set Up functionality
- Never stop to charge! – “Steady-charge” battery technology charges directly from vehicle
- Best-in-class display! Big 7” widescreen is 50% larger than competitors
- Never change keys! – A single, keyless adapter covers all OBD-II applications
- Detailed code descriptions and live data graphing (PIDs) for a complete diagnosis
- Powerful functional tests verify diagnosis and repair

Autel Maxidas DS708 vs Snap On
We recommend you to choose Autel Maxidas DS708. It has a wider vehicle coverage, OBD1 support, and many additional functions and features that are useful and handy.